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We are the Street Dressing® specialists

Product-Mark-updatedFrom the London 2012 Olympics to the Tour de France, Bay Media has become the preferred partner for the world’s biggest events, leading brands and local authorities.

Research has proven that raised media leads to a 2.5 x higher memory recall rate than that at ground level. Bay Media’s entire media portfolio is raised, making us a key choice for advertisers.

We are the exclusive European distributors for Britten Inc – the largest Street Dressing® company in the USA, and we are also major product innovators and patent holders in our own right.

Our aim is to transform the look of city streets and large indoor spaces in the most inspirational way possible, creating incredible experiences and memories.

Our media offers brands unrivalled proximity to high-footfall areas.
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We partner with industry specialists to produce Street Dressing® for major events.
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We provide Councils with a cost effective solution for promoting their local messages.
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  • LONDON, UK - 08 AUG: Chelsea Stadium banners with crowd leaving match between Chelsea and Swansey City. In London, on 08 August 2015.
    26 Aug 2015

    Bay Media: The Premier League Kicks Off

    It’s that time of the year again, football season begins and months of match-watching and Fantasy Football lie ahead of us. Over the years, Bay Medi

  • Herne Hill Lambeth 2015 (35)
    02 Jul 2015

    Herne Hill – Re-building A Community

    In August 2013, a burst Thames Water mains pipe caused devastating floods in the Herne Hill area of South London. Local businesses were destroyed and

  • iTunes 1
    03 Jun 2015

    Summer at Bay Media

    June is here and the streets are starting to come alive as the Fairs, Fetes and Festivals calendar unfolds. This is a busy time for street dressing an

  • 05 Oct 2015

    Client Stories: The Children’s Society

    Bay Media have partnered with The Children’s Society, showcasing the organisations’ key messages around Stratford via raised lamppost ban

  • 30 Jul 2015

    Client Stories: Huy en Fête

    Bay Media Europe adds colour to “Huy en Fête”.

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