Ultra-premium Illumination and 2.5 x better recall rate

“They bring the centre to life”

Nicky Blanchard, Royal Victoria Place Tunbridge Wells, Centre Manager




Building on years of expertise and product development, Bay Media’s AirDressing® creates a new large raised illuminated advertising space in the top 100 shopping centres.

AirDressing utilises previously inaccessible spaces in atriums and open indoor spaces, normally the most visible space in the centre, to frame major brands.

These beautifully tensioned, frameless and illuminated skins are suspended seemingly in mid-air, and can be swapped out safely at ground level with all power hidden away.

Bay Media developed AirDressing® and it’s patented, state of the art system after its major street dressing projects for the Olympics. Along with its partner network, Bay Media are the exclusive source for AirDressing.

If you are interested in exploring how AirDressing® could help your centre or brand, please contact us or click here to find out more about how the product works.


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