✓ Large-scale illuminated advertising displays
✓ Deliver your message with maximum impact

AirDressing - Premium Billboards

Our AirDressing units are installed in shopping centres across the UK, providing a large, premium advertising format with a great ROI.

Displayed in the most visible spaces, these illuminated displays appear to float in the air, rising above the ground level clutter to showcase our clients’ messaging with dramatic impact.

AirDressing in Action

We helped a shopping centre generate revenue and brighten their space

Bay Media

Bay Media are the largest provider of lamppost banner advertising in the UK.

Our AirDressing displays are our largest and most premium advertising format

Get in touch to find out how we can help your business get noticed.


Over 3000 points of ultra low-energy lighting, evenly spread behind the entire advertising display.


AirDressing units are our largest advertising medium, typically measuring well over 8m².


This large, raised & illuminated format is positioned long-term in high traffic areas to achieve maximum reach.


Ultra high resolution imagery, edge-to-edge printing and a tensioned fabric skin over a borderless frame.


Our AirDressing units are used in shopping centres across the UK. See a selection of these venues below.


The units are lightweight for safe hanging, with balancing mechanisms to ensure a level finish.

AirDressing Locations

Don’t see your location in the list? Don’t worry – we may still be able to help. Send us a quick message and we’ll let you know!

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