in Bradford
- The Broadway

✓ Bay Media manage three AirDressing units in The Broadway
✓ Each unit is positioned for high visibility and maximum impact

Bay Media in Bradford

Bay Media have had AirDressing units in place in The Broadway since 2015. Our units are well-loved by Bradford businesses, often booked out by the same customers for multiple campaigns throughout the year.

Campaigns in The Broadway have included ads for sports clubs, retailers, schools and theatres.

Why The Broadway?

Built by Westfield, The Broadway is a major shopping centre in the heart of Bradford. The £260 million centre has a range of restaurants, retail units and a boutiqiue cinema.

The Broadway welcomes more than 13 million visitors each year, from West Yorkshire and beyond.

Bay Media’s three AirDressing units include a total of five highly prominent panels, giving our advertisers the opportunity to share their message with this large population, at excellent value.

Location of our AirDressing Displays:

Artwork Toolkit - Bradford

Our AirDressing toolkit contains templates (InDesign and PDF) and a convenient spec sheet.

Our AirDressing units in The Broadway measure 4000 x 2400 mm, two of these are double-sided, the other has just one panel.

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