In Harrow - St George's

✓ We manage a large hanging billboard in St George's
✓ Two illuminated displays for sharing messages with the local population

Bay Media in Harrow

Our AirDressing unit in St George’s shopping centre is one of our newer installations, however we have already completed a number of campaigns for advertisers in the area.

This is a highly visible format in a busy shopping centre, enabling our customer’s campaigns to achieve significant reach at a low cost.

Why St George's?

St George’s shopping centre opened in 1996 and includes many retail, restaurant and leisure facilities spread over three floors, as well as a multi-screen cinema.

With an annual footfall of around 9 million, the AirDressing display in the centre is well-positioned to engage with this large audience.

AirDressing units are illuminated and raised for maximum visibility, with careful tensioning to ensure the messaging remains perfectly displayed at all times.

Get in touch to find out more about the AirDressing in St George’s.

Location of our AirDressing Displays:

Artwork Toolkit - Harrow

Our AirDressing toolkit contains templates (InDesign and PDF) and a convenient spec sheet.

Our AirDressing unit in St George’s measures 4100 x 2460 mm and has two panels.

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