In Luton - The Mall

✓ We have two double-sided billboards in The Mall
✓ Advertise to the centre's 18 million annual visitors

Bay Media in Luton

Bay Media have been supporting businesses with raised advertising in Luton for a number of years.

Our projects in The Mall have included campaigns for colleges, retailers, solicitors, and local events.

Why The Mall?

The Mall Luton is a 900,000 sq ft shopping centre in a thriving London satellite town with a strong employment base and a growing population.

First opened fifty years ago, the centre has around 120 retailers and a huge footfall with around 18 million annual visitors.

The large AirDressing displays provide an opportunity for advertiser’s to get their message in front of this large audience, who have a dwell time in the centre of around 72 minutes.

Location of our AirDressing Displays:

The Mall Viewing Figures

Our displays in The Mall can generate over 1.45 million impacts* per week.

Site 1, Side A est. weekly impacts: 197,483

Site 1, Side B est. weekly impacts: 209,826.
Site 2, Side A est. weekly impacts: 657,403
Site 2, Side B
 est. weekly impacts: 406,808.

(Data provided by Route, the UK’s official source for out-of-home audience estimates. Figures from release R48, published Sep 2023)

*An impact is equal to one person’s viewing of a single display.

Artwork Toolkit - Luton

Our AirDressing toolkit contains templates (InDesign and PDF) and a convenient spec sheet.

Our AirDressing units in The Mall measure 4000 x 2400 mm and are double-sided.


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