Art Meets Community: Banners in Gipsy Hill

Friends of Gipsy Hill, a neighbourhood community group, is a strong supporter of community art projects aimed at enhancing their local spaces and the well-being of residents.

At Bay Media, we’re proud to be a part of one of their ongoing projects, helping local voices shine. We love these kinds of initiatives – they bring a touch of art and history to our work and show how outdoor formats can positively reflect on the community.

A lamppost banner representing community art projects in Gipsy Hill, London

Gipsy Hill lamppost banner (photo by Friends of Gipsy Hill)

The Heart of Gipsy Hill 

The ‘Our Home, Our Gipsy Hill‘ lamppost banner competition is a great example of how community art projects can bring people together. 

It was a chance for those involved to show what makes this part of London unique and to celebrate the community’s spirit.

There was a great response, with every entry telling a different piece of Gipsy Hill’s story across a range of different art styles.

Concept to Canvas

Turning a blank canvas into a vibrant banner takes teamwork and creativity. The competition brought together local artists and residents, who submitted designs that reflected the community’s unique character. After careful consideration, four designs were chosen to decorate lampposts at the entrance to Gipsy Road, becoming symbols of local pride.

Tamara’s design included familiar sights like Fanny the Cat, a coffee from a local café, and the city skyline. Isabel focused on the Gipsy Hill station garden, the wildlife it attracts, and the happiness it brings. Kerri’s artwork honoured local history with a picture of Margaret Finch, “Queen of the Gypsies”, in her vardo. Marie-Louise celebrated the area’s community spirit with parks, pubs, and planting projects, including the famous local cat.

Each banner tells a piece of Gipsy Hill’s story, creating a visual collection of its history and sense of community.

Community art projects via lamppost banners. Banner designs for Gipsy Hill in London.

Local Businesses

Local businesses are often the backbone of community projects, and the Gipsy Hill banner project is a perfect example. Cravo & Canela and Manuel’s Italian and Mediterranean restaurant generously funded the banners, demonstrating how local businesses can make a positive impact on their neighbourhood.

At Bay Media, our role was to make sure these artistic stories were seen. We were careful to install the banners with the care they deserved, understanding that they represent the spirit of Gipsy Hill.

The Impact

These banners will be a part of Gipsy Hill for a whole year. During that time they’ll help reinforce the sense of community in the area, reminding the locals of the places they share and their history. This isn’t the first banner campaign we’ve worked on in the area, they have been running for several years now, and we hope there are many more to come!

The Friends of Gipsy Hill banner project is a great example that other neighbourhoods can follow. They are neither difficult nor expensive, and yet they can make a noticeable difference in a local area, making the streets more interesting and welcoming.

For us at Bay Media, this project underscores how advertising formats can go beyond commercial campaigns, facilitating community art projects which enrich our neighbourhoods.

Lamppost banner designs for Gipsy Hill

Gipsy Hill lamppost banners from 2020

Brighter Communities

The Gipsy Hill banner project is a simple idea with a big impact. It brings art into everyday lives and celebrates what makes its community special. It’s about local pride, and we’re happy to help showcase that pride.

Next time you’re in Gipsy Hill, take a moment to admire the banners. They’re more than just decorations – they’re a message from the community.

And if you’re inspired to start something similar in your own neighbourhood, we’re here to help. Let’s brighten our communities, one lamppost at a time.

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