Bay Media Achieve FESPA UK Accreditation for Sustainable Waste Management

Bay Media are pleased to announce that we have been awarded the FESPA UK Accreditation for our commitment to sustainable waste management practices in the print and signage industry. This recognition reflects our ongoing efforts to prioritise environmental responsibility and contribute to a more sustainable future for our sector.

FESPA UK Waste Accreditation logo


FESPA UK brings together the talents of graphics, signage, and specialist printers across the United Kingdom. In obtaining this accreditation, we join a community of like-minded businesses that prioritise ethical and environmentally conscious practices.

The Process

Our journey to achieving the FESPA UK Accreditation involved an assessment process, including a review of our current waste management methodologies and an environmental audit. Through this process, we demonstrated our adherence to the highest standards of sustainability and our commitment to minimising industry waste.

What’s Next?

This accreditation not only validates our efforts but also serves as a catalyst for us to continue exploring new ways to reduce our environmental impact and drive positive change. We’d like to thank the FESPA team and our employees for embracing our sustainability initiatives!

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