Bay Media Continues Partnership with Swindon for Lamppost Banners: A Win-Win for All

We’re proud to announce that we have secured a new three-year contract for lamppost banner advertising in Swindon. 

Our banners in the town represent a key way for news and events to be shared with the community. From local business offers to council updates (such as important Covid messaging during the pandemic), the banners help keep everyone in the loop.

Lamppost banners lining the street in Swindon, including banners advertising recruitment for Amazon

Bay Media banners installed along a Swindon high street

Extra Funding for Local Services

A large part of the money generated from these banners goes right back to Swindon. Last year, we gave nearly £1 million to the councils we work with, helping to fund local projects and essential services.

Safety and Quality Come First

Quality and safety are non-negotiable at Bay Media. Our installation teams are rigorously trained, ensuring that our banners meet and exceed industry safety benchmarks.

We’re Doing Our Bit for the Environment

We have a sustainability initiative in place in a growing number of regions. For every set of 10 banners commissioned, a broadleaf tree is planted in the UK, courtesy of Bay Media. And when a banner’s lifespan concludes, the material is repurposed into sustainable goods, ranging from traffic safety equipment to eco-friendly construction materials.

Our renewed contract with Swindon Council ultimately allows us to continue contributing to the community through informative banners, financial support to local services, and environmentally responsible practices.

Bay Media are a leading provider of outdoor advertising, the biggest provider of lamppost banner advertising in the United Kingdom.

Other formats we offer include large illuminated banners in shopping centres and roadside ‘6 sheet‘ posters. 

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