Bay Media Earns Planet Mark Certification

We are thrilled to announce that Bay Media has been accredited with the Planet Mark Certification. This marks a significant milestone in our commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

What is the Planet Mark Certification?

Planet Mark is a renowned sustainability certification and net zero provider that has, for over a decade, assisted organisations in significantly reducing their carbon emissions. By focusing on commercial resilience, stakeholder engagement, and authentic communication, Planet Mark enables businesses to join the global movement towards a net-zero future.

Why This Matters Now

As per UK law, every business is mandated to become net-zero by 2050. The first step towards this significant challenge is understanding the carbon footprint of one’s organisation. Planet Mark’s comprehensive process has helped Bay Media identify specific areas for immediate and impactful emissions reductions.

Our Path to Planet Mark Certification

Achieving Planet Mark Certification involved Bay Media undertaking a three-step process:

Measuring Impact: We have conducted a thorough analysis of our carbon emissions, breaking down the data to understand the environmental impact of each aspect of our operations.

Engaging Stakeholders: We engaged with the wider Bay Media team to support and make this achievement possible.

Communicating Progress: We are committed to keeping our clients, staff and the communities we serve informed about our sustainability goals and progress.

Forests in Scotland, where Bay Media have planted many trees
Sustainability at Bay Media

We see sustainability not as an obligation, but as a cornerstone of our company identity. Our sustainability initiatives go beyond the Planet Mark Certification:

  • We recycle all our post-campaign PVC and fabric banners through our trusted recycling partners.
  • In 2021, we launched a tree-planting initiative in collaboration with The Future Forest Company. For every 10 banners or £1,000 spent by our clients, a broadleaf tree is planted in the UK. This initiative is in place across many of the regions in which we operate, and continues to expand.
  • Our vehicle fleet complies with ULEZ and Clean Air Zone standards throughout the UK. 
  • We also offer environmentally-friendly banner materials that not only meet advertising needs but also actively clean the air.

The Broader Impact

A significant part of our journey to Planet Mark certification includes a pledge to contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Moreover, through Planet Mark’s partnership with Cool Earth, we are also contributing to the protection of endangered rainforests.

What Does This Mean for Bay Media and Our Partners?

As a major outdoor advertiser, we already return nearly £1 million each year to local councils from the revenue generated from our campaigns. Now, with Planet Mark certification, we pledge to go above and beyond in making positive environmental impacts.

Regardless of the nature of the campaigns we’re involved in, sustainability will remain a cornerstone of our operations. This commitment not only enriches our business but also adds value to the communities we serve, aiding our partners in achieving their own sustainability objectives.

Bay Media stands as the UK’s premier provider of lamppost banner advertising.

In addition to our signature lamppost banners, we offer expansive illuminated displays in shopping centres and strategically placed 6-sheet roadside posters.

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