Bay Media Expands Into DACH Region

Exciting news!

Bay Media, the UK’s largest provider of lamppost banner advertising and a prominent player in the out-of-home advertising industry, is excited to announce an enhanced focus on the DACH countries – Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. To ensure our success in the German-speaking market, we’ve recently welcomed an Austrian Business Development Manager to our European division.

Our new team member brings extensive experience and talent, which will be crucial in driving our growth in the DACH region. As part of our European division, they will play a pivotal role in maximising sales and ensuring seamless operations for our campaigns in these new markets, while being in close contact with clients throughout the region. Their responsibilities will include attracting new business, managing campaigns from start to finish, and building strong relationships with clients.

With their Austrian roots and expertise in the German-speaking market, our new Business Development Manager is well-equipped to engage with clients across the DACH countries and leverage their knowledge to drive success. We’re confident that their hard work and dedication will lead to great achievements for our team and help solidify our presence in these new markets.

With this strategic expansion, Bay Media looks forward to furthering its positive impact on the out-of-home advertising industry and delivering innovative solutions to clients across Europe. 

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to grow and make our mark on the industry.

Bay Media is the UK’s largest provider of lamppost banner advertising, offering a wide range of outdoor advertising formats including illuminated roadside posters and large, premium banners in shopping centres

We have over 10,000 live sites, and a portion of our turnover goes to UK councils. With clients ranging from Adidas and Amazon to local restaurants, gyms, ski resorts, and even tattoo parlours, we’re experts in helping businesses of all sizes and sectors reach their target audiences.

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