Bay Media generate over £1 million for UK councils in 2023

At Bay Media, our commercial success is closely tied to our community support. As an out-of-home advertiser, our partnerships with local councils aim to bring mutual growth.

Contribution to Councils and Communities

Our long-standing revenue return programs provide steady funding for the councils in which we provide commercial advertising.

In 2021, despite lingering impacts of the pandemic, we generated £900k for local authorities. The next year, this rose to £975k. And in 2023, we are delighted to have contributed over £1 million to UK councils through our advertising programs.

Reliable income streams such as these help councils maintain vital public services amidst budget cuts. The out-of-home industry also channels significant funds into public infrastructure like bus shelters, defibrillators, and phone boxes.

Lamppost banner in front of a bus and bus shelter in York, United Kingdom

Lamppost banner from a campaign in York (hover to scroll)

An Industry That Gives Back

The out-of-home advertising industry as a whole is an economic engine for both growth and social good. In 2021, the UK out-of-home sector contributed £411m to support public services, infrastructure, communities and employees. (See page 4 of the linked report).

The out-of-home sector boosts foot traffic for local businesses, whilst investing in public spaces and safety. And our community partnerships support worthy causes across the country.

Boosting Council Budgets

With increasingly tight budgets, councils have come to rely on external sources of funding to provide supplementary revenue. This allows them to maintain current service levels despite financial pressures.

In this way, advertising providers such as ourselves can help bridge public budget gaps.

As our contribution to UK councils continue to grow, we look forward to providing additional support to the communities that have enabled our success.

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