A large 'AirDressing' display in Royal Victoria Place, Tunbridge Wells


Royal Victoria Place shopping centre in Tunbridge Wells is host to Europe’s first installations where four units are in place and generating impressive impact. Fenwick, one of the centre’s anchor tenants, were the first to get behind AirDressing, successfully launching with an Autumn campaign before switching their message to align with Christmas.

AirDressing, which magically looks like its floating in thin air, is Bay Media’s large format illuminated solution for wide open spaces such as the ultra-prime large spaces under glass ceilings in shopping centres and airports.

The key to accessing this space was Bay Media’s research into weight and lighting, which enabled the creation of a 4m wide display, that weighs just 45kg. The frame’s 3,000 LED lights have an ultra low-energy consumption, yet shine twice as bright as a standard billboard. All attachments are hidden away inside a beautiful 1mm frame.

“The number one metric we kept in mind during the 24-month development programme was the size-to-weight ratio. We wanted to create a premium product which delivered ultra-bright illuminated displays in large open spaces previously thought impossible to access because of delicate roof structures. In doing so believe we have opened up a completely new super-prime space to the OOH market.”
Sam Cave-Penney, Commercial Director – Bay Media

Shopping centres have incredibly high footfall numbers, making them a prime opportunity for advertisers looking to influence buying behavior of shoppers in the Active Space.

Find our more about Bay Media’s innovative AirDressing product here.