Bay Media Plant 2257 Trees in 2022

Bay Media are very happy to announce that we planted 2257 trees in 2022, thanks to our partnership with The Future Forest Company.

The Future Forest Company is an environmental conservation company which aims to combat climate change by planting forests that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. 

As part of the partnership, and at Bay Media’s cost, we plant a broadleaf tree in the UK for every £1000 spent by our clients, and for every 10 lamppost banners bought by a local authority. Whilst we are currently running this initiative in a limited number of areas, we are in the process of expanding it out across new contracts and regions. Many of the trees planted in 2022 were thanks to activity in Glasgow, Haringey and Cardiff, as well as specific campaigns including the 2022 Commonwealth Games and Zero Carbon Manchester. (Click the images to view some banners from these campaigns).

These trees help The Future Forest Company to protect our ancient woodlands, which have been in existence for centuries and are vital for both cultural heritage and biodiversity. They are incredibly biodiverse and play a significant role in carbon sequestration.

We are thrilled to have exceeded our tree planting goals for the year, with the total number of trees planted representing an increase of over 250% from our total in 2021. This is a huge step in the right direction and we are committed to working with The Future Forest Company to support our mutual goals.

Our Managing Director, Ieuan Marsh, said of the news: “We’re extremely proud of the work we have done in partnership with The Future Forest Company and remain committed to increasing the number of trees we plant in the years to come. Our initiative not only helps the environment but also allows our clients to offset the carbon footprint of their advertising campaigns, and we’re glad to be able to offer this option to them.”

For more information, you can visit The Future Forest Company website, or watch their video about their work on The Glenaros estate (where many Bay Media trees have been planted).



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