Bay Media Win Tender for Lamppost Banner Advertising in Lambeth

Bay Media are delighted to announce the signing of a 10 year contract to provide lamppost banner advertising in the London borough of Lambeth. We are pleased to have been selected as the provider of choice following the tender process and are confident that this will be a highly successful partnership.

Initially, over 200 sites will be available for lamppost banner advertising in the borough, and these will be available to local businesses as well as larger brands.

Whilst Bay Media have previously carried out many non-commercial campaigns in the borough, this new agreement will enable businesses of all sizes to promote their offerings to the borough’s resident population and visitors.

Bay Media will also return a significant portion of any revenue earned from the commercial advertising back to Lambeth Council. This will help the council fund more projects to further benefit the area. In 2021, Bay Media gave nearly £900k to UK councils via this kind of arrangement. The banners will also help to promote Lambeth’s businesses, enabling local companies to share their products and services.

Residents of Lambeth will likely be familiar with our lamppost banners from past campaigns. These have included a major Covid-19 banner project which the council undertook in 2020 to help keep its residents safe. 256 banners were in place across Lambeth for a period of 6 months. Elsewhere, we supported the council’s ‘Shop Safe, Shop Local’ scheme in 2020, with another 124 long-term banners.

Bay Media are the largest provider of lamppost banner advertising in the UK, and are committed to delivering the service at the highest standard for both Lambeth council and its residents. We are excited to get started on what looks to be a fantastic partnership.

Bay Media are the UK’s largest provider of lamppost banner advertising. Take a look at some of our past campaigns in Lambeth below. Contact us to find out more.