✓ A range of outdoor products to support your campaigns
✓ From custom-made displays to colourful bunting

Lamppost Wraps

Enhance the visibility of your banner adverts

These wrapped shells are designed and printed to cover the inner section of a column, between the lamppost banner arms. 

The wraps can be tailored individually to enhance the visibility of your campaign, lending a bright and playful element to the main design.

Typically our clients choose visually striking colours to draw attention to the banners.


Bespoke Printed Banners

We can create custom banners to support unique and visually striking designs.

During the 2015 World Gymnastics Championships in Glasgow, we worked with the event’s design agency as well as our own suppliers to create banners with an eye-catching spiralling design.

The banners took some extra effort to perfect, using clever printing and cutting to achieve a dramatic optical illusion.

Specially-Mounted Banners

Our banners aren’t limited to lampposts

Our banners aren’t limited to being mounted to lampposts. We can affix them to other structures such as stone columns, using essentially the same mounting technique as we do for standard posts.

In fact, they don’t necessarily need a column at all. Our banners can be mounted on walls too – this involves drilling some small holes into the wall so isn’t suitable for all situations, but it achieves a secure and visible fitting which can be raised to your specified height.


Other Formats

Colourful mobile advertising flags in Cardiff, Wales.

Mobile Flags

Installable without columns.
Great for commanding attention.

Correx Boards & Prisms

Ground-level or raised installations.
Eye-catching in any location.

Bench-End Advertising

Quick, easy bespoke messaging.
Complements existing campaigns.


Enhances city dressing.
Ideal for events and festivals.

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