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A giant neon sign in Tokyo, Japan

Out of Home Advertising | The Most Complete Guide

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising is a form of marketing that reaches consumers when they are outside their homes, in public places, or in transit. It encompasses a wide range...

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Two men in blue t-shirts cleaning up plastic waste from a beach

When Advertising Goes Green: Memorable Campaigns Promoting Sustainability

Sustainability is a growing issue that demands attention from individuals, businesses, and governments. As the effects of climate change become increasingly apparent, it's clear that we must take...

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Lamppost banner advert in Greenwich, UK, promoting a low emissions neighbourhood

Why Brands Seeking Sustainable Advertising Should Look to Out-of-Home

As brands increasingly prioritise sustainability in their advertising efforts, finding eco-friendly media solutions has become more important than ever. Fortunately, a new report from Outsmart, the trade body...

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Art Meets Community: Banners in Gipsy Hill

Friends of Gipsy Hill, a neighbourhood community group, is a strong supporter of community art projects aimed at enhancing local spaces and the well-being of residents. At Bay...

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Finding Food Made Easy: Is This the UK’s Most Convenient Street?

Camden High Street stands out as a central spot in London for food enthusiasts, offering a wide range of dining options within its compact span. Here, you can...

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The Ripple Effect: How Major Events Revitalise Local Economies

Liverpool - a city rich in culture, music, and history - hosted one of the grandest spectacles in the global entertainment scene earlier this year: the Eurovision Song...

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An illustration of a group of people working out in a gym class

The 2024 Fitness Advertising Guide for Gyms

Google Trends shows us that January sees the highest global search volumes for the term "gym membership." With this ever-recurring fitness wave, you can't afford to miss the...

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Giving Back – How Outdoor Advertising Invests in Local Communities

A freshly released report by PwC, commissioned by Outsmart, provides significant insights into the UK's Out of Home (OOH) advertising sector. According to the report, 46% of OOH...

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Graduates throwing caps

Boost Enrolment: Top Advertising Strategies for Education Providers

The landscape of higher education is continuously evolving. With an influx of options ranging from traditional universities to online courses, educational providers find themselves in a fiercely competitive...

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A lamppost banner in London, advertising a co-working space called Fulham Works

Maximising Local Visibility – Lamppost Banner Advertising for Co-working Spaces

When it comes to making a lasting impression in a local community, few advertising methods are as effective as lamppost banner advertising. This form of advertising for co-working...

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Lamppost banner in Greenwich, UK, promoting a local festival

Uniting Neighbourhoods: How Local Events Can Benefit from Lamppost Advertising

In an era of digital connections, the need to foster real-world relationships within our communities has never been more vital. Local events, ranging from farmers' markets to cultural...

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Lamppost banners in Fulham, promoting the charity Movember

Leveraging Outdoor Advertising for Charities and Fundraisers

The effectiveness of charity events and fundraisers lies in their ability to engage with the local community. To make this possible, outdoor advertising offers an impactful solution by...

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Connecting Communities: The Power of Out-of-Home Advertising for Ramadan Messaging

OOH advertising is an exceptionally powerful medium for sharing messages about Ramadan, thanks to its ability to reach a wide audience and make a strong visual impact. The...

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6 sheets poster advertising a gym

What are 6 Sheets? Exploring the Power and Versatility of a Classic Advertising Medium

6 sheets are a highly visible and influential form of outdoor advertising that showcase large-scale printed visuals on dedicated structures, reaching a diverse audience in high-traffic areas.

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Lion King lamppost banner in Westminster - an example of outdoor banners being used for theatre advertising

What’s in a Name? Understanding the Different Terms for Lamppost Banners

Lamppost banners have become a ubiquitous feature of many of the UK's streetscapes, providing an eye-catching and cost-effective means of promoting events and offers, and generating brand awareness.

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10 Reasons to Consider Roadside Advertising for Your Next Campaign

If you're contemplating a new advertising campaign, it's worth considering the benefits of roadside advertising.

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The Power of Outdoor Advertising for Restaurants

Outdoor advertising for restaurants is a tried and tested means of bringing in customers and building brand awareness.

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Tattoo studio in Camden advertising on the high street with a raised lamppost banner

The Evolving High Street: How Outdoor Advertising Can Help Businesses Keep Up

The UK high street is going through a period of significant change. With the shift towards online shopping, which has been sharply accelerated by the impact of the...

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How Gyms Can Use Local Advertising To Make the Most of the January Fitness Rush

The new year is fast approaching,  and many people will be making the resolution to get in shape and hit the gym. This surge in gym-goers, commonly known...

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A Short Guide to Out-of-Home Advertising

What is Out-of-Home Advertising? Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is a growing form of advertising that targets consumers whilst they are outside of their homes. It uses physical displays such...

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How To Use Outdoor Advertising To Support City Branding

There’s no denying that first impressions count. And when it comes to cities, that first impression is often made based on the way the city looks. Is it...

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“We’re Behind You!” Bay Media’s Support for Pantomimes

Bay Media have been providing out-of-home advertising support for nearly 25 years, and in that time we have developed strong working relationships with clients across the country. Given...

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10 Design Tips for Outdoor Advertisements

When it comes to outdoor advertising, first impressions matter. You only have a limited amount of time to catch someone’s attention and make an impact. For this reason,...

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Watercolour painting style image of Times Square in New York

An Illustrated History of Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a form of marketing which reaches consumers whilst they are outside of their homes. Today, outdoor advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry, encompassing a wide...

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Bay Media: The Premier League Kicks Off

It’s that time of the year again, football season begins and months of match-watching and Fantasy Football lie ahead of us. Over the years, Bay Media have been...

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Herne Hill – Re-building A Community

In August 2013, a burst Thames Water mains pipe caused devastating floods in the Herne Hill area of South London. Local businesses were destroyed and many were forced...

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Lamppost banner in Camden promoting iTunes festival

Summer at Bay Media

June is here and the streets are starting to come alive as the Fairs, Fetes and Festivals calendar unfolds. This is a busy time for street dressing and...

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