Client Stories – 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships

When Glasgow City Council set out to promote the 2023 UCI Road World Championships, they turned their eyes towards the busy streets. As the UK’s largest provider of lamppost banner advertising, our company was the natural choice to infuse the streets of Glasgow with the championship’s spirit. The outcome was a bold showcase that resonated with the championship’s ethos and Glasgow’s spirit.

The Vision

Glasgow City Council had a clear vision: to bring the championships to life in the streets of Glasgow. Acting on this vision, they commissioned 24 of our distinctive lamppost banners. These banners serve as a subtle yet impactful medium, merging with the urban landscape while ensuring consistent visibility. With Glasgow playing host to such a significant international event, it was vital to ensure that residents and visitors alike felt the championship’s presence in the city.

Lamppost banners on Buchanan street in Glasgow, promoting the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships

Bay Media banners promoting the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships (hover to scroll)

The Perfect Location: Buchanan Street

Location is paramount. Buchanan Street stands as Glasgow’s commercial pulse and claims the title of the UK’s second-busiest shopping street, following London’s Oxford Street. Every day, countless shoppers, tourists, and residents pass through this iconic street. By positioning the banners here, we ensured maximum exposure, turning the street into a vibrant celebration of the championships.

Doubling the Impact

To elevate the campaign, the banners were displayed as ‘doubles’. Each street column showcased two banners – one on each side. This approach not only commanded greater attention but also offered the opportunity to display additional messaging, ensuring that the essence of the championships was communicated effectively.

A Design that Speaks Volumes

The banner designs, conceptualised by the local design agency Stand, encapsulated the professionalism of the UCI and the warm embrace of Glasgow and Scotland. At the heart of this design sat the ‘squiggly bike’ – an emblem exuding fun, inclusivity, and optimism. This emblem, adorned with the UCI rainbow, aims to serve as a lasting inspiration, celebrating the power of the bike and its profound impact on Scottish communities.

To further diversify the campaign, seven distinct bold colours were chosen for the lamppost banners. Each colour represented a distinct cycling discipline, adding an extra layer to the visual narrative.

Examples of lamppost banner designs for the 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships 

A Championship to Remember

The 2023 UCI Cycling World Championships was more than just a sporting event – it was a celebration of Glasgow’s spirit, passion, and love for cycling. The lamppost banners played an integral role in creating a festive atmosphere, reminding residents and visitors of the championships’ grandeur. As the city basked in the success of hosting “one of the greatest Cycling World Championships ever held”, our banners painted the town in the colours of celebration and unity.

Council leader Susan Aitken perfectly captured the essence of the event, stating, “The Power of the Bike is making an already great city more vibrant and healthier; accessible, active and connected.” Our lamppost banners were prominent carriers of this message, bridging the gap between the championships and the heart of Glasgow.

Bay Media’s UCI banners on display in Glasgow (hover to scroll)

Amplifying Impact: The Role of Our Banners

Our partnership with Glasgow City Council for the 2023 UCI Road World Championships showcased the effectiveness of lamppost banners in promoting major events. Positioned in key locations, the banners ensured heightened visibility and awareness of the championships, enhancing the event’s reach to residents and visitors alike. Though the banners were temporary installations, their role in bolstering the championship’s presence in Glasgow was undeniable. They stand as a testament to the power of strategic outdoor advertising in amplifying citywide events.

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