Client Stories – Eurovision 2023

As the UK’s biggest provider of lamppost banner advertising, Bay Media are honoured to have had the opportunity to support the Eurovision 2023 advertising campaign. The grand finale is set for Saturday, 13th May 2023, and our vibrant lamppost banners, spread throughout the city of Liverpool, have helped build anticipation and public interest for this globally renowned event.

Eurovision 2023 lamppost banners on display in Liverpool (hover to scroll)

Our work began well before the banners were hoisted into the Liverpool skyline. Collaborating closely with Liverpool City Council, we first ensured permissions were in place and safety checks on street columns had been conducted, guaranteeing an effective and secure installation. 

The bulk of our efforts concentrated on the initial stages, installing a total of 89 banners in strategic locations during night hours to minimise disruption to the public. Iconic, high-traffic streets were chosen, like Renshaw Street, known for its eclectic mix of shops and bars, and Hardman Street, a popular hub for foodies and nightlife enthusiasts. Many more were placed along the Strand, a key waterfront route that connects the city’s historic docks and attractions, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Lamppost banners on Renshaw street (hover to scroll)

In total, three different banner designs were used. Two echoed the primary branding of Eurovision 2023, displaying the vibrant yellow and blue colours of Ukraine. The third design featured the event’s partners, reinforcing the collective spirit behind this international music competition.

The visual identity of Eurovision 2023, designed by Superunion and Starlight Creative, is a compelling blend of the UK and Ukraine flags’ colours. Overlapping navy, blue, and red hearts on a bright yellow background symbolise unity and solidarity, a sentiment made clear in the event’s outdoor advertising campaign. 

This branding is evident throughout the city, including at St George’s Hall and Liverpool ONE. Our street banners complemented these city-wide branding efforts, amplifying the overall impact of the Eurovision 2023 advertising campaign.

Other outdoor advertising formats on display in Liverpool (hover to scroll)

This year’s Eurovision holds a special significance as the UK stepped in to host, demonstrating a powerful show of solidarity with Ukraine. Our lamppost banners, through their strategic placement and design, have played a role in reflecting this historic moment and the unity of the 37 participating countries.

Out-of-home advertising plays an integral role in promoting major events like Eurovision. By occupying public spaces, our banners not only capture immediate attention but also foster a shared sense of anticipation and excitement. Whether it’s a stroll down Renshaw Street or a drive along the Strand, the omnipresence of these vibrant banners serves as a constant reminder of the upcoming spectacle, creating a city-wide buzz that’s hard to miss.

Eurovision 2023 advertising via lamppost banners in Liverpool

At Bay Media, we are immensely proud to have contributed to the Eurovision 2023 advertising campaign. As we eagerly await the final, our team is already celebrating the joy and unity that our work has helped foster. This experience reinforces our commitment to innovative advertising that connects and inspires communities, making us excited for future opportunities to support such major events.

Eurovision 2023 is a testament to the fact that outdoor advertising remains a potent tool in creating a city-wide conversation and a sense of collective participation.

As a leading out-of-home advertising provider, Bay Media has a major presence across the UK and Europe. We’re proud to be the largest provider of lamppost banner advertising in the UK, and also offer powerful roadside posters and captivating banner displays in shopping centres.

Our recent success with the Eurovision 2023 advertising campaign illustrates our expertise in promoting major events, helping to build excitement and public engagement. 

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