Client Stories – Football – Euro 2024

As Euro 2024 kicks off in Germany, we’re continuing to expand our presence in the German-speaking market. In collaboration with Munich’s Department of Labour and Economic Affairs, Bay Media is playing a key role in enhancing the vibrant atmosphere of the tournament in the host city of Munich.

Football fans celebrate in front of our lamppost banners in Munich

The Campaign

To support Munich’s efforts in creating a welcoming environment for fans and visitors during the Euros, Bay Media has installed 26 eye-catching lamppost banners along Neuhauser Straße and Kaufingerstraße in the heart of Munich. The banners were installed several days in advance of the tournament, and will remain in place throughout the entire event to ensure maximum visibility and impact.

The street banners feature two engaging designs, each containing friendly messages in both German and English. By using bilingual text, the street banners are able to resonate with both the local population and international visitors, fostering a sense of inclusion and unity.

Growing Presence in Germany

The campaign in the centre of Munich highlights our growing presence in the German market. By bringing our expertise in lamppost banner advertising to Germany, we hope to demonstrate our commitment to helping cities, businesses, and organisations create impactful outdoor advertising campaigns.

The success of this project in Germany underscores our efforts to adapt to different cultural contexts and effectively collaborate with local partners. A close working relationship with Munich’s Department of Labour and Economic Affairs was crucial for the smooth implementation of the campaign. Building on our track record of effective lamppost banner campaigns in the UK and France, these banners will make a positive impact throughout the duration of this year’s Euros.

Our lamppost banners in the centre of Munich

Enhancing the Tournament Atmosphere

The strategically placed banners are contributing to the festive atmosphere in Munich during the tournament. As fans from around the world gather in the city to support their teams and enjoy the games, the lamppost banners serve as a warm welcome, creating an inviting atmosphere for locals and visitors alike. 

The presence of the street banners near key locations such as Marienplatz and other landmarks helps to amplify their impact. By capturing the attention of many thousands of passersby, the street banners have become an important part of the overall Euro 2024 experience in Munich.

The Power of Street Banner Advertising

Bay Media’s new campaign demonstrates the effectiveness of banner advertising in engaging audiences and creating a sense of shared experience. By occupying public spaces and presenting striking visuals with welcoming messages, the street banners successfully capture the attention of fans, tourists, and locals, fostering a spirit of unity and excitement throughout the tournament.

The campaign also showcases the versatility of lamppost banner advertising, complementing other branding efforts and marketing initiatives related to Euro 2024. The continuous presence of the street banners throughout the event ensures a lasting impact, enhancing the overall atmosphere of the tournament.

Our street banners contributed to the festive atmosphere

Looking Ahead

The implementation of the campaign marks a successful chapter for Bay Media as we continue to expand our services in Germany and the DACH region. Building on the success of this project, we are already collaborating with the Department of Labour and Economic Affairs on another upcoming campaign, further strengthening our partnership.

As we continue to grow our presence in Germany, Bay Media remains focused on delivering effective solutions tailored to the local market. Our commitment to building strong partnerships with clients and stakeholders positions us for further growth and success in the German market and at home.

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