Client Stories – Hatton Garden BID

Hatton Garden, nestled in the heart of London, is famous for its centuries-old association with the jewellery and diamond trade. It’s a district that shines not just with its wares but also with a rich history that includes stories of craft, commerce, and community. 

The Hatton Garden BID (Business Improvement District) plays an important role in nurturing this legacy, focussing on promoting business growth and establishing Hatton Garden as a leading destination for both businesses and visitors.

Enhancing Brand Awareness for BIDs

In 2019, we kicked off our first advertising campaign with Hatton Garden BID, featuring four strategically positioned lamppost banners.

Displayed along key thoroughfares for maximum impact, our banners were in place for a full year. Making use of a clear diamond motif and a privilege card call-to-action, the banners reinforced Hatton Garden’s identity through consistent exposure.

Building on previous success, we’re continuing with another year of a refreshed Hatton Garden banner campaign. New visuals, featuring an updated diamond design, now grace lampposts along Hatton Garden street. (Take a look at these banners in action in the video to the left.)

Over the course of the year, these high-impact banners will showcase the district’s enduring magnetism to new waves of visitors.

Our individual lamppost banners along Hatton Garden are capable of achieving over 100,000 views, per week!

Data provided by Route, the UK’s official source for out-of-home audience estimates.
(Route release #49 – data for Q4 2023.)

Strategic Value of Banners

Lamppost banners can play a leading role in enhancing brand awareness for BIDs. Typically positioned long-term, they function as minor landmarks in the area, delineating the area of the district and highlighting its significance.

By casting a spotlight on Hatton Garden’s illustrious history and current offerings, these banners foster a sense of place and community pride, crucial for any BID.

We also embraced environmental responsibility as part of the campaign, planting seven trees in UK forests, a joint effort between ourselves, Hatton Garden BID, and The Future Forest Company.

Hatton Garden’s History

Hatton Garden’s allure isn’t just in its current status as a jewellery hub; it’s steeped in a history that includes tales of royalty, craftsmanship and intrigue.

This rich backstory serves as a powerful branding asset for the BID. It allows businesses to link themselves to the area’s enduring narrative, whilst visitors can appreciate the district’s strong identity.

Spotlight on a Legacy

We are proud to partner with the Hatton Garden Business Improvement District. Our lamppost banners help showcase the area’s legacy in the jewellery trade and strengthen Hatton Garden’s unique brand and sense of community.

By celebrating its past and present, we help promote this charming district of London. We look forward to supporting similar clients and districts in creating effective awareness campaigns.

“It was a great experience partnering with Bay Media. The high standards of their service enable the BID to showcase our value and increase people’s awareness of the area.”

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