Client Stories – Host Cities of the Tour de France

A little over a month has passed since the conclusion of the Tour de France 2023, yet the legacy of this iconic event still resonates through its host cities. At Bay Media, we’re thrilled to shed light on our role in that enduring impact, specifically in our Tour de France outdoor advertising efforts. Our mission was clear: to encapsulate the spirit of the Tour using our expertise in outdoor advertising to set the mood, announce the event, brand the territory, and coat the host cities in the Tour’s signature yellow hue.

Stage 11: Sprint Through Moulins

Starting from Clermont-Ferrand and ending in Moulins, Stage 11 was not only a breathtaking sporting spectacle but also a showcase for our work. We partnered with Moulins, a city rich in cultural heritage, to install 163 banners on the city’s lighting columns. Strategically positioned throughout the city, these black and yellow banners primarily displayed the date of the stage’s arrival to ensure no one missed this one-of-a-kind event. Thanks to our unique, hassle-free installation process, these displays became the heartbeat of the city from early spring, building up anticipation and excitement for the big day.

Alpine Stages: Banners at High Altitudes

Having worked closely with several Alpine ski resorts throughout the year, we had the pleasure of extending our Tour de France outdoor advertising initiative to the stations of Combloux, Morzine, and Les Gets. Given the severe weather conditions these regions face, from harsh winters to sun-intense summers, our durable advertising solutions needed to be up to the challenge!

Stage 14: Capturing the Spirit of Annemasse

Located near the Swiss border amidst the Alps, Annemasse was the starting point for Stage 14 of the 2023 Tour de France. Responding to the city’s request, we installed 142 banners that dressed the city streets and major avenues. The designs varied, yet always followed the Tour’s traditional black and yellow colour scheme. One of these designs even promoted “L’Etape du Tour de France,” a significant amateur cycling event that took place a few days earlier. These banners provided a perfect backdrop for the day’s race, adding a layer of spectacle to Carlos Rodríguez’s remarkable victory.

Clermont-Ferrand: One City, Two Tours

In Clermont-Ferrand, we had the unique opportunity to promote not just the 11th stage of the men’s Tour de France but also the Grand Depart of the women’s Tour de France. Distributed at six strategic locations around the city, these banners showcased male and female cyclists together, highlighting Clermont-Ferrand’s unique position as host to both Tours. The city’s role was further solidified by the phrase, “Clermont – 2 Tours or Nothing,” making it undoubtedly the cornerstone of our 2023 Tour de France outdoor advertising campaign.

Our Commitment: Quality, Timeliness, and Expertise
Here at Bay Media, our primary goal is client satisfaction. From long-standing customers to new partnerships like those with Annemasse and Moulins, the positive feedback regarding our campaigns’ visual impact, our solutions’ reliability, and our impeccable service quality confirms our unwavering commitment to excellence.
Looking Ahead

Our relationship with the Tour de France is a rich one, spanning from the Grand Departs in Noirmoutier in 2018 and Brest in 2021, to numerous stages across France. As we look to the future, we are excited for the new journeys that the Tour de France will bring, and we look forward to continuing this extraordinary voyage.

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