Client Stories – LEEDS 2023: Year of Culture

Bay Media & LEEDS 2023 – A Cultural Partnership

Celebrating Leeds Through Outdoor Advertising

In 2023, Leeds has shone a spotlight on its rich cultural landscape. Throughout the year, the city has been radiating with creativity, displaying a spectacular array of talent from world-class creatives, local communities, and international arts organisations. LEEDS 2023 is not just a celebration, it’s a statement. And in this cultural celebration, Bay Media has played an important supporting role, adding to the vibrancy of Leeds’ cityscape with strategic lamppost banner advertising.

A City-Wide Canvas: The Power of Lamppost Advertising

We took the bold and imaginative vision of LEEDS 2023 and helped turn it into a city-wide canvas. Using all of our out-of-home advertising expertise, we brought the event’s vivid branding to life on lamppost banners across Leeds. Our meticulously planned and executed strategy ensured that the messaging of LEEDS 2023 was seen and felt across the city, making every corner a part of the celebration.

A bright pink advertising banner on a lamppost in Leeds

Bay Media banners on display in Leeds city centre (hover to scroll)

Seasons of Culture: Phased Rollout of the Banners

The LEEDS 2023 celebrations were neatly segmented into three stages: Awakening, Playing, and Dreaming. This enabled us to roll out our lamppost banners in stages, each reflecting the theme and energy of the current stage of the event. Bold banner designs have been provided along the way by LEEDS 2023.

In the first phase, our banners proudly displayed the event’s vibrant pink, green, and gold branding colours, coupled with empowering messages like “Letting culture loose”, and “This is our year … and it’s just beginning”.

For stage two, we transitioned to the green and gold hues, with references to “Part Two – Playing”. And now, as we stand on the cusp of the final stage, our banners for “Part Three – Dreaming” are being prepared for installation in the next few weeks, showcasing a vibrant yellow colour with a purple ribbon proudly referencing the event. Using a faint, puffy cloud motif, they will neatly encapsulate the theme of dreaming.

A Client’s Perspective: Working with Bay Media

Our partnership with LEEDS 2023 has been a dynamic and rewarding journey. Alex Monk, Brand and Campaigns Manager for LEEDS 2023, shares his experience working with us: “It was a pleasure to work with Bay Media for the first phase of our city dressing campaign. We took over hundreds of lamppost banners across the city and it created a real wow moment. The team at Bay Media is really flexible and great at communicating with us, not only in terms of how long things might be live for, but also what other opportunities we could explore.”

Looking Ahead: Final Phase of the Cultural Celebration

As we transition into the final phase of LEEDS 2023, our excitement mirrors that of the city. As a proud partner of this cultural celebration, we’re eager to see the culminating effects of our efforts in boosting engagement and raising event awareness. Our banners for the “Dreaming” stage are set to adorn the streets, encouraging everyone in the city to immerse themselves in the dreams and aspirations that this phase represents.

An off-white lamppost banner in Leeds, promoting the city's year of culture

Bay Media banner on display in Leeds (hover to scroll)

Conclusion: Showcasing Leeds’ Cultural Spirit

Our collaboration with LEEDS 2023 has demonstrated the power of outdoor advertising in celebrating the city’s cultural vibrancy. The feedback from the city has been overwhelming, and we are proud to have played a part in illuminating Leeds’ cultural journey. As we gear up for the final stage of the event, we are reminded of the city’s extraordinary spirit and resilience.

For more information about LEEDS 2023 and its upcoming events, please visit their website.

Through our outdoor advertising efforts, Bay Media remains committed to enhancing cityscapes and facilitating unforgettable experiences for cities and their people. LEEDS 2023 is just one example of how our innovative lamppost banner advertising solutions can contribute to the cultural fabric of a city. We look forward to forging more such partnerships and continue to celebrate culture in all its forms.

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