Client Stories – NFL London Games

The NFL London Games have been running since 2007, when the New York Giants shrugged off the Miami Dolphins in monsoon-like conditions at Wembley Stadium.

These games are part of the regular season, carried out overseas to raise awareness and interest in the sport outside of the United States.

More than 30 NFL London Games have taken place since their inception. The UK is an important destination for the sport, and its arrival each year is greeted with great fanfare. NFL advertising campaigns over the years have helped establish the sport in a number of countries outside of the US.

Television ads, giant billboards and radio promotions all help build interest for the NFL London Games, whilst Regent Street has on multiple occasions been cordoned off to celebrate the sport.

Amongst all this, an important part of NFL advertising for the NFL London Games lies in their use of lamppost banners. This medium offers an unparalleled ability to dominate streets with clear event messaging, which can be used to communicate directions, build anticipation for an event and spread brand awareness.

For these reasons, the sports and events industries make regular use of lamppost banners, achieving great reach at lower costs than other formats.

Bay Media are the UK’s biggest provider of lamppost banner advertising, the sole provider of this service across much of the nation. The service requires agreement from local authorities, specialised manufacturing and installation equipment, and close attention to health and safety.

In 2017, we began supporting the NFL with their NFL London Games activities, a service which we now provide on an annual basis.

Take a look below to see examples of our lamppost banners being used to support NFL advertising campaigns.

Twickenham – 2017

The NFL London Games in 2017 were split between Wembley and Twickenham, each stadium hosting two games apiece. For these campaigns, the NFL capitalised on the versatility of the medium by creating a range of different banner designs. 

Some of the banners worked to promote the event and its social media hashtags, whilst other designs highlighted the events’ sponsors and the teams involved. Overall the volume and proximity of the banners created highly visible branded ‘corridors’ to help direct fans to the stadium.

The 2017 NFL London Games were another success for the NFL, and our lamppost banners were well-received. We made plans to revisit the partnership in the future.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – 2019

The NFL London Games in 2019 welcomed the NFL to Tottenham Hotspur Stadium for the first time.

For these campaigns, a slightly different approach was taken. This time we were engaged to supply a greater number of banners, with a stronger emphasis on wayfinding messages.

The increased number of banners allowed them to be installed across a greater area, as requested by the NFL. The wayfinding banners used arrows and estimated walking times to guide fans arriving from many of the local transport hubs. 

Sponsors and teams were featured once again, and the banners helped build a festival atmosphere for those attending.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – 2022

In late 2022 the NFL returned to the UK, holding two games at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium and another at Wembley. Once again we were delighted to help support the advertising for these events, and as with previous years, we were asked to increase the number of banners.

For the Tottenham campaigns alone we received dozens of designs for the banners, ensuring the event, its teams and sponsors were all fully represented outside the stadium and across the local borough. 

As usual these were high quality designs, with bright and clear messaging. A particular favourite range of designs from these NFL advertising campaigns were the New Orleans Saints banners with their black, white and gold branding.

The NFL continues to grow in the UK, with the final match of the 2022 NFL London Games seeing the largest attendance of any game since its inception.

Helping the NFL with their NFL London Games campaigns has been a privilege, and is a great example of how sporting events can utilise lamppost banners to make the most of an occasion.

The proximity, visibility and affordability of the format lends itself particularly well to these short-term, localised events. 

Visiting fans are nudged towards the stadium by strategically-placed banners, with sponsor messaging clearly visible througout their journey. 

The colourful branding and imagery helps build a festival atmosphere for those in the area, whilst banners of their favourite teams and players work to increase anticipation for the games.

Bay Media are an out-of-home advertiser and the UK’s largest provider of lamppost banner advertising.

Our other advertising formats include large illuminated banners in shopping centres and raised ‘6 sheet‘ posters which are positioned along major roads.

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