Client Stories – Outdoor Advertising in Manchester for MIF 2023

Bay Media’s Role in Manchester International Festival 2023

Bay Media has been a committed partner in outdoor advertising in Manchester for many years, and we have supported Factory International with their Manchester International Festival (MIF) for over a decade. 

As the year draws to a close, we’re reflecting on our role in supporting and promoting Manchester International Festival 2023 through strategic outdoor advertising across the city. 

Take a look at our video about our work with Manchester International Festival 2023

MIF 2023: A Hub of Artistic Excellence

This year’s MIF showcased an impressive array of events, setting the city alight with creativity and innovation. MIF 2023 featured everything from a city-wide treasure hunt to Yayoi Kusama’s mesmerising inflatable sculptures.

The festival captivated audiences with groundbreaking performances at various venues across the city, and hosted an array of world-class artists, cementing its reputation as a crucible of artistic excellence.


Amplifying MIF’s Presence in Manchester

As a major provider of outdoor advertising in Manchester, we were thrilled to contribute to the festival’s success. Our involvement included the strategic placement of 320 lamppost banners in and around key locations including the Printworks, Northern Quarter, Deansgate, St Mary’s Gate and Market Street.

These banners played a vital role in spreading awareness about the festival, ensuring that both residents and visitors were well-informed about the events happening around them.

Lamppost banner designs used for Manchester International Festival 2023

Visual Impact of MIF 2023 Banners

The banners (designed by Factory International) were a masterclass in effective outdoor advertising, with their bold colours and stark silhouettes capturing Manchester’s attention.

These designs not only highlighted the festival’s vibrancy but also encouraged the community to participate in its diverse range of festivities.

Enriching Manchester’s Cultural Landscape

The effectiveness of outdoor advertising in Manchester is evident in the increased engagement and excitement Factory International witnessed in the city. Our lamppost banners didn’t just advertise; they became a part of the festival’s fabric, creating a buzz and a sense of anticipation among the city’s populace.

Some of our banners in Manchester for Pride 2023

Community and Cultural Enhancement

Our involvement with cultural events extends beyond the Manchester International Festival. We’re passionate about contributing to the enrichment of local cultural scenes and to supporting community well-being. 

A significant portion of our turnover is shared with the councils we work with, including Manchester. This means our work with these events also brings tangible benefits to the local council and residents.


Future Collaborations and Cultural Contributions

As we look forward to future collaborations, Bay Media remains dedicated to enriching Manchester’s cultural scene. Our ongoing partnership with MIF is a testament to our commitment to enhancing urban spaces through innovative outdoor advertising, contributing significantly to the cultural vibrancy of Manchester.

At Bay Media, our expertise lies in elevating brands through outdoor advertising throughout the UK and parts of Europe. 

As the premier provider of lamppost banner advertising, our offerings are complemented by our illuminated roadside posters and our premium AirDressing displays featured in shopping centres.

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