Client Stories: The Children’s Society


The Children’s Society is a national children’s charity which campaigns on behalf of young people facing abuse, exploitation and neglect. Their services include working with children at risk of sexual exploitation, runaways, refugees and migrant families.

In 2015, the charity decided to launch a new hub in Stratford in order to bring together practitioners from around the area. In order to draw attention to the charity’s presence in the area, and its readiness to support vulnerable young people, The Children’s Society reached out to Bay Media to discuss outdoor advertising support.

Bay Media were able to identify a number of street columns in the local area which were ideally placed for a lamppost banner campaign. The banners would be installed in close proximity to the charity’s new Stratford site, and would remain in place for a year, as part of a long-term, highly-targeted awareness campaign.


The banners included four different designs, which highlighted some of the difficulties faced by young people in London. This was based on research which suggested that one in three young people felt unsafe in their local areas, and The Children’s Society were determined to address this.

We were able to successfully deliver on the project, and The Children’s Society kindly agreed to participate in our short client story video. Their marketing representative described the process as ‘seamless’ and efficient – take a look at the video above to find out more about the project and the charity’s response.

Projects such as these are highly rewarding for us, and the team at Bay Media were delighted to have been able to help such a valuable cause. We have a long history working with charities, get in touch to find out more about how we can support this sector.

To learn more about The Children’s Society, including how you can help, click here. It’s easy to support the charity, whether through donating, volunteering or fundraising.

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