Client Stories – TK Maxx Store Launch

Bay Media, in collaboration with Mindshare and Kinetic, are supporting a targeted advertising campaign for the upcoming grand opening of TK Maxx’s new store in Westfield London.

The campaign utilises our lamppost banner advertising format in close proximity to the shopping centre, with the aim of spreading awareness of the new store within the local area.

A street in Shepherd's Bush, LondonA street filled with lamppost banners, along Shepherd's Bush Green in London, UK

Before & After – Our lamppost banners add a burst of colour to the streets of Shepherd’s Bush (drag to scroll)

The Campaign’s Framework:

To maximise visibility and impact with advertising in Shepherd’s Bush, a total of 14 double-sided banners were strategically placed along Shepherd’s Bush Green.

This location was chosen for its direct route to Westfield and its high traffic, both from pedestrians and vehicles, due to its proximity to key destinations like Shepherd’s Bush station and popular local markets.

Data-Driven Decisions:

Our advertising in Shepherd’s Bush is informed by robust data, leveraging insights from Route – the official source for out-of-home audience estimates.

According to Route’s most recent data (Release #R48), our full network of lamppost banners in Hammersmith & Fulham can generate a total weekly impact count of 95 million, with each lamppost banner averaging 182 thousand weekly impacts. (An impact is equal to one person’s viewing of a single display.)

This data helps inform our placement of banners to ensure we capture the attention of a significant portion of these viewers.

Our lamppost banner sites in Hammersmith & Fulham

Expected Reach and Impact:

In regards to our TK Maxx advertising in Shepherd’s Bush, Route’s data indicates the fourteen banners positioned around Shepherd’s Bush Green are set to achieve 3,665,189 weekly views.

With the banners in place for two weeks, Route anticipates a total of over 7.3 million impacts, offering TK Maxx an extensive reach during a critical period of their store launch.

The Retail Advantage:

Lamppost banner advertising offers a unique advantage for retailers, both large and small, seeking to enhance their visibility and customer engagement.

The proximity of these banners to retail locations drives immediate awareness and foot traffic, which is especially beneficial for store openings, sales promotions, or new product launches.

The high-frequency, long-term visibility that comes with lamppost banners means that a retailer’s message becomes a familiar landmark in itself, fostering brand familiarity and recall.

This format is adaptable to retailers of any size, offering the flexibility to create a presence that scales with their marketing ambitions and budget.

Lamppost banners for the TK Maxx store opening (click to zoom)

Design Strategy:

The design of the TK Maxx banners is crafted to catch the eye of shoppers and passersby. A model dressed in a vivid blue suit against a patterned background, coupled with the TK Maxx logo and useful information, makes each banner stand out.

The repetition of this single design across all banners creates a visual rhythm that reinforces brand recognition. This uniformity is especially effective in a linear array, where the repeated imagery can create a strong narrative thread for viewers moving past multiple banners.

Final Thoughts:

This collaboration for TK Maxx’s store opening illustrates how strategic banner advertising can be leveraged to achieve a client’s objectives.

Utilising data and understanding the local landscape allows us to deliver effective and efficient advertising solutions.

We’re excited to see the new TK Maxx store thrive in Westfield London and are proud that our lamppost banners have played a part in welcoming shoppers to the latest destination.

At Bay Media, we specialise in bringing our clients’ messaging out-of-home across the UK and parts of Europe. Leading the market in lamppost banner advertising, our portfolio also includes eye-catching backlit roadside posters and high-end AirDressing banners in retail hubs.

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