Client Stories – toob Full-Fibre Broadband

Bay Media collaborates with toob

In the later part of 2022, Bay Media joined forces with toob, a forward-thinking full-fibre broadband provider delivering top-tier connectivity across homes and businesses in southern England. toob had nailed down their service, and their next focus was broadband advertising.

toob lamppost banners advertising their broadband services along Commercial road in Portsmouth city centre, United Kingdom

toob banners along Commercial road in Portsmouth (hover to scroll)

toob’s ambitious endeavour

toob has set its sights on redefining the way we access the internet. By deploying a cutting-edge, future-proof fibre-to-the-premises network in southern England, they offer unrivalled symmetrical speeds of 900 Mbps and increased reliability to their customers.

The purpose behind the partnership

The end goal of our project with toob was clear: amplify toob’s brand visibility and recognition within Portsmouth.

toob, located in Southampton, had previously noticed the effectiveness of Bay Media’s eye-catching lamppost banners in Portsmouth. Recognising an opportunity for a powerful local campaign, they reached out to us in September 2022.

Their superior full-fibre network, providing symmetrical speeds of 900 Mbps at a competitive cost of only £25 per month, stood as a testament to their confidence in the service. toob only needed to boost their presence in Portsmouth and make their high-quality broadband offerings widely known within the community.

Bay Media’s lamppost banners presented the perfect medium for toob to communicate with their intended audience and enhance their brand visibility in the city, carving a new pathway for broadband advertising.

lamppost banners advertising for the broadband provider "toob" positioned along Commercial road in Portsmouth city centre, United Kingdom
Identifying the perfect spots

During the project’s initial phase, Bay Media and toob got together to understand toob’s specific needs and goals for the campaign.

We offered site maps of Portsmouth, revealing available lamppost banner spots, and provided media packs and service rate cards.

Following a thorough review, toob strategically chose 22 lamppost banners along Portsmouth’s bustling Commercial Road. Acting as the city’s pulse, Commercial Road is a thriving shopping hub that attracts a significant percentage of the local population regularly.

The double-sided columns on Commercial Road added an extra layer of visibility to the toob message, enabling passersby to easily absorb and recall it. By opting for these lamppost banners, toob intended to build brand recognition and reach their target audience effectively.

Lamppost banners on Commercial Road in Portsmouth. Banners depict adverts for the broadband provider "toob" and were installed by Bay Media
Our approach

toob’s primary brand colours, a striking combination of candy pink and and jade, were selected for their ability to command attention, making them perfect for our lamppost banners.

toob conceived four dynamic banner designs, all of which served as compelling examples of outdoor branding and broadband advertising. The toob name and logo were prominently displayed, with their key selling points – the attractive £25 per month pricing and fast 900 Mbps speeds – clearly highlighted.

Two of the designs incorporated trust signals such as a Trustpilot rating and a brief customer review, underscoring the credibility of toob’s offerings. The primary designs, featuring the key selling points, were placed at both ends of Commercial Road, ensuring that passersby would instantly notice toob’s offering. This was followed by secondary banner designs that showcased toob’s positive customer feedback.

After receiving the banner designs in late November, they were approved by all parties involved, including the addition of a council footer, a common requirement across regions we operate in.

The council footer in Portsmouth signifies our strong bond with the local council, underlining our mutual dedication to supporting the community. A part of the revenue from each commercial banner installed in Portsmouth is redirected to the council. In 2021 alone, we contributed £900k to councils, empowering them to further enhance the local areas for residents.

The final designs were sent off for printing in late November. Our dedicated southern installation team installed the printed banners on the evening of December 8th. After meticulously setting up all 22 banners, they confirmed successful installation by sending photographic proofs.

A well-crafted outdoor ad with clear trust signals can significantly boost engagement. Simply put, effective design and strong credibility work hand-in-hand to drive a brand's success.

Bay Media is at the forefront of the out-of-home advertising industry in Europe and the UK. As the UK’s premier provider of lamppost banner advertising, we also excel in delivering impactful roadside posters and large-scale displays within shopping centres.

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