Client Stories – WWE – Money in the Bank

As a leading provider of out-of-home advertising, Bay Media is stepping up once more to boost the exposure of a major event. This time, we’ve helped set the stage for a thrilling display of athleticism and drama as WWE brings its action-packed event ‘Money in the Bank‘ to London. Drawing on our experience in advertising at the O2 arena and its surroundings, we’ve helped fuel a wave of anticipation that sets the stage for tomorrow’s showdown.

Bay Media banners on display in close proximity to the O2 arena

WWE’s return to the UK after two decades has garnered a tremendous amount of excitement among fans, and we’ve been privileged to build upon this with our distinct advertising campaign. The campaign involved installing 37 bold and eye-catching banners, strategically placed around the driving route into the O2 Arena and close to North Greenwich station. Our targeted approach to advertising at the O2, leveraging these key locations, ensures a comprehensive visual experience for fans, boosting their excitement even before they step foot inside the venue.

Each of the 28 distinct banner designs provides a sneak peek into the grandeur of the event, showcasing a different WWE superstar.

WWE banner advertising at the O2 arena in London. The banner depicts the wrestler Solo Sikoa.

Bay Media advertising banners on display in close proximity to the O2 arena (hover to scroll)

The strategic placement and sequence of the banners along the entrance routes to the arena ensure they aren’t just visible, but also integral to the fans’ journey to the event, creating a sense of a grand procession towards the spectacle.

And ‘Money in the Bank’ isn’t just any wrestling event. It brings with it a unique excitement, with a title shot hidden in a briefcase, suspended above the ring. The challenge? To be the individual who climbs the ladder and retrieves the briefcase. With a stellar line-up of superstars like Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Logan Paul, and Becky Lynch, the event is set to be a spectacle for wrestling fans.

Lamppost banner advertising at the O2 arena in London, UK. The banner shows the wrestler Raquel Rodriguez.

WWE advertising at the O2 arena with raised lamppost banners (hover to scroll)

This event holds historical significance. It is not only the first ‘Money in the Bank’ event to be held outside the United States, but also the first major WWE event in England since Insurrextion in June 2003.

Our enthusiasm at Bay Media for the event aligns with the excitement felt by fans. We take great pride in our role in magnifying the buzz for such a significant occasion. Our placements of these striking banners around the O2 have done more than just increase awareness. They’ve helped craft a sense of thrill and expectation, underpinning the electrifying ambiance befitting this major wrestling showdown.

Outdoor advertising, especially in the vicinity of an event venue, is an extremely effective tool. Not only can it serve as a guide, directing attendees towards the venue, but it also helps to set the tone and build anticipation for the event. Our strategic advertising at the O2 has been particularly successful in ramping up the excitement for the WWE's 'Money in the Bank' event. It's a testament to the power of outdoor advertising in creating an atmosphere that truly reflects the spirit of an occasion.

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