Client Stories – Zero Carbon Manchester

Bay Media has been working with Manchester City Council for many years, printing, installing and maintaining lamppost banners for a broad range of projects. In 2022 we provided support with a sustainable advertising campaign.

Our previous projects for the council have included major sporting events, including UEFA Women’s EURO 2022, community pride campaigns and Covid-19 guidance. 

This experience has allowed us to develop a strong understanding of the council’s needs and objectives, and to carry out effective, targeted campaigns on their behalf.

Zero Carbon Manchester

In October 2022, we were engaged by the council to support their fantastic ‘zero carbon’ initiative, which aims to encourage the city’s inhabitants to help rebuild Manchester as a greener, more sustainable city.

After some discussions with the council, it was decided that 62 banners would be printed, and these would utilise four different designs, each sharing different ways in which the public could get involved.

The designs were created in line with the council’s Zero Carbon campaign branding, which incorporates vibrant colours on a bold yellow background.

Banner designs for Zero Carbon Manchester
Bold Banners

This colour scheme is an excellent choice for outdoor advertising, as the bright colours easily draw the eye, contrasting well with both the sky and surrounding buildings which form the backdrop to the banners.

The short, snappy calls to action are also a great option for this format, making it easy for pedestrians and motorists alike to read and assimilate the message in a single glance.

Here’s how the banners looked out in the wild. (Click to zoom).

Sustainable Advertising

Given that the campaign was based on the theme of sustainability, the council chose to use our most environmentally-friendly banners and inks.

As a result, all 62 of the banners used in the campaign were fully-PVC free and degradable. The banners were also printed using HP latex inks, which are great for sustainable advertising. These inks contain no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs). They are non-flammable and non-combustible, nickel-free and meet strict standards for low chemical emissions.

A Greener Future

Bay Media are proud to work with Manchester City Council, and wish them great success with their long-term zero carbon campaign. Their sustainable advertising banners will help inspire its residents and businesses to take action to make Manchester a greener city. By working together, we can help to create a brighter, cleaner future for ourselves and the next generations.



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