Client Story – Peabody’s Higgs Yard Apartments

Bringing New Homes to Brixton – Peabody’s Targeted OOH Campaign

Peabody, one of the UK’s oldest and largest housing associations, has been providing homes and services to people in London for over 160 years.

Peabody recently launched Higgs Yard, a stylish new development featuring 106 apartments in the heart of Brixton, SE24.

To spread the word about these exciting new homes, Peabody partnered with Bay Media to execute targeted property advertising in Brixton and Clapham, utilising out-of-home media.

As the UK’s leading provider of lamppost banner advertising, Bay Media was well-positioned to help Peabody reach the local audience.

A lamppost banner supporting Peabody with property advertising in Brixton, for their Higgs Yard apartments

The Campaign Strategy

Peabody and Bay Media collaborated to develop a two-month lamppost banner campaign that would build awareness of the Higgs Yard apartments among local residents, showcasing the effectiveness of property advertising in Brixton and Clapham.

The campaign consisted of 20 eye-catching banners strategically placed along two of the area’s busiest thoroughfares – 10 banners on Clapham High Street and 10 on Brixton Road.

These high-traffic locations in the heart of Brixton were chosen to maximise visibility among local pedestrians, drivers, and public transport users. By placing the banners in such close proximity to the new Higgs Yard development, the campaign aimed to create a strong connection between the apartments and the vibrant surrounding neighbourhood.

Viewership Figures

The Peabody campaign benefited from the tremendous exposure offered by Bay Media’s prime Lambeth banner sites.

According to viewership data from Route, the UK’s leading out-of-home audience measurement provider, some of the Brixton Road banners are capable of generating nearly 500,000 views per week. On average, a single one of our banners on this road will achieve 365,000 weekly views.

The Clapham High Street banners provide an additional 300,000+ weekly views per banner, further extending the campaign’s reach. Together, these figures demonstrate the vast audience that was exposed to Peabody’s message through these strategic OOH placements in the heart of Brixton.

Campaign Execution

Bay Media’s experienced team worked closely with Lambeth Council and Transport for London (TfL) to secure all necessary permissions for the Peabody campaign. By handling these important logistics, Bay Media allowed Peabody to focus on their core business while ensuring a smooth and efficient campaign rollout.

As a trusted partner to major brands and developers, Bay Media is well-versed in navigating the complexities of large-scale OOH campaigns. The successful execution of the Peabody campaign reflects our expertise in delivering impactful advertising solutions in the Lambeth area and beyond.

The Banners in Action

Peabody’s vibrant banner designs made a striking impact along the streets of Brixton. The colourful, eye-catching creatives stood out among the bustling urban landscape, grabbing the attention of passersby.

The banner designs helped build awareness of and anticipation for the new apartments, with a ‘COMING SOON’ message and a photo of the apartments’ stylish modern interiors.

The banners also prominently displayed Peabody’s branding and a QR code, making it easy for interested individuals to instantly access more information about the development. This seamless integration of offline and online touchpoints allowed Peabody to capture leads and drive traffic to their website directly from the street.

Peabody’s lamppost banner designs helped build awareness of their upcoming apartments.

Campaign Outcomes

The Higgs Yard banners achieved exceptional visibility among Lambeth’s locals. By strategically saturating the area around the new development, Peabody ensured that their message reached a highly relevant, localised audience.

The impressive Route viewership data underscores the campaign’s success in generating widespread awareness of Higgs Yard within the community. By connecting with Brixton residents through eye-catching OOH advertising in their daily environment, Peabody was able to build strong associations between the new apartments and the vibrant neighbourhood culture.

Through this highly targeted approach, Peabody successfully planted Higgs Yard in the minds of potential buyers and established a strong foundation for ongoing sales and community engagement.

A Successful Partnership

The Higgs Yard campaign is a prime example of data-driven, hyperlocal property advertising in Brixton and Clapham, demonstrating the power of well-executed OOH campaigns.

By leveraging Route data and in-depth knowledge of the Brixton area, Peabody and Bay Media created a campaign that delivered the right message to the right audience at the right time and place.

Bay Media’s long history and deep expertise in the Lambeth market were a factor in the success of this campaign. As a trusted partner to Peabody, Bay Media provided end-to-end support, from securing prime banner locations to seamlessly executing the campaign across multiple high-traffic sites.

Looking ahead, this campaign showcases the exciting potential for even more impactful hyperlocal OOH initiatives in Brixton and beyond. As Bay Media continues to strengthen its presence in Lambeth and across the UK, we look forward to partnering with more innovative brands like Peabody to create advertising experiences that resonate with local communities and deliver measurable results.

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