Client Stories – The Grand Départ of the Tour de France

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The Grand Beginning: Noirmoutier-en-l’Île

In 2018, the idyllic island of Noirmoutier-en-l’Île was honoured to host the Tour de France for the second time. Having already been the scene of a stage after the prologue in 2005, the town was graced this time with the prestigious Grand Départ—the kick-off of the legendary race.

Reflecting on the event, Mayor Noël Faucher recounted, “The turnout was incredible, a testimony to the unity of our city and island in their support for the Tour de France. The opportunity to gain such tremendous visibility for our region was truly unique.”

Recognising the significant impact of the grand occasion, the town called upon Bay Media to support their Tour de France advertising. The comprehensive, all-inclusive offer meant that their technical services team, already involved in many other Tour-related tasks, weren’t further burdened.

“The robustness of Bay Media’s product was particularly appealing,” added Mayor Faucher. “Our region is exposed to wind and weather, and we needed assurance that the lamppost banners would withstand these conditions. Our investment in Bay Media’s durable banners ensured the iconic yellow of the Tour de France remained consistently visible.”

The Journey Presses On: Cholet

Cholet, having first welcomed the Tour de France in 1936 during the Angers-Cholet stage, was elated to host the team time trial in 2018. Florence Dabin, Deputy for Sports for the city of Cholet, shared, “Our residents were thrilled to welcome this new stage of the Tour de France. It’s an event that unifies all our local associations and people of Cholet, and greatly highlights our region.”

The utilisation of Bay Media’s banners for their Tour de France advertising strategy fostered synergy, enabled communication, and nurtured a sense of belonging among the people of Cholet. “Working with Bay Media was a rewarding experience for our communications department,” continues Dabin. “Their commitment to understanding our strengths and concerns resulted in a service that catered precisely to our needs.”

A Testament to Success

Strategically deploying outdoor advertising to highlight a town's noteworthy moments is a brilliant way to draw attention, showcase local heritage, and rally the community around a shared event.

By leveraging a comprehensive strategy and resilient solutions, street banner decoration becomes more than just a message carrier — it turns into an integral part of the spectator experience.

Bay Media supports towns and cities during large global events like the Olympic Games, the Tour de France, and the World Cups in football and rugby, as well as smaller, local events and festivals.

Our mission is to promote brands and events with potent, enduring, and impactful advertising solutions. If you have an upcoming event or a vision for year-round decoration, we invite you to contact us.