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Lamppost Banner Sites In Coventry

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Coventry Viewing Figures

Our banner sites in Coventry can generate over 25 million views per week.

A typical banner achieves 77.6k views each week.

Contact our friendly team to find out specific figures for any sites of interest.

(Data provided by Route, the UK’s official source for out-of-home audience estimates.)

*Route release #49 – data for Q4 2023.

Bay Media & Coventry

Bay Media have been the provider of choice for lamppost banners in Coventry for many years. 

We have strong relationships with diverse clients across the city and its surrounds, and are highly familiar with the city’s specific requirements, from traffic management to artwork regulations.

A street full of vivid blue lamppost banners for the charity Islamic Relief

Why Coventry?

Chosen as the UK City of Culture in 2021, Coventry is a large city in the heart of the Midlands. With two universities and three cathedrals, it boasts a vibrant economy and a population of over 350,000. 

Bay Media’s raised lamppost banners provide coverage throughout the city with significant concentrations around Coventry University, Coventry Station and the Ricoh Arena. 

Whether targeting high footfall areas in the city centre or major arterial routes, our highly visible sites are a fantastic way to engage with Coventry’s young, dynamic and diverse audience.

Lamppost Banners in Coventry

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Advertising in Coventry

Lamppost banner advertising in Coventry offers numerous benefits for businesses looking to promote their products and services. These banners are highly visible, as raised up on lampposts positioned along busy streets and other high-traffic areas. This allows businesses to target their advertising to specific locations and demographics, making it an extremely effective marketing tool.

Banner advertising is also cost-effective, achieving significant reach at a lower price point than many comparable formats, making it a great option for businesses of all sizes. The flexibility of banner advertising also makes it an attractive option. Businesses can choose the number of banners they want to display and the length of time they want them to be up, allowing them to easily adapt their advertising strategy to suit their needs.

Overall, lamppost banner advertising in Coventry is a cost-effective, flexible and highly targetable way for businesses to promote their products and services in the city. It is an effective marketing tool that can help businesses reach their target audience and achieve their advertising goals.

Coventry Transport Museum

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