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Havering Viewing Figures

Our banner sites in Havering can generate a total of 3.7 million views per week.

This is an average of 106.5k views per banner, every week.

Contact our friendly team to find out specific figures for any sites of interest.

(Data provided by Route, the UK’s official source for out-of-home audience estimates.)

*Route release #48 – data for Q3 2023.

Bay Media & Havering

Bay Media have a strong presence in Havering and have carried out many lamppost banner advertising campaigns over the years.

These have included projects for pubs, gyms, libraries, shops, restaurants and even a commemoration of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Why Havering?

The London Borough of Havering has a population of over 250,000 residents and is based along the eastern outskirts of outer London.

The area contains extensive parkland, more than half of its area is Green Belt protected land. Elsewhere however, the borough is home to a number of lively towns, including Hornchurch, Upminster and Romford.

Bay Media has excellent coverage of these areas, allowing our clients to target the inhabitants of Havering, be it from a single road or across the entire borough.

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Lamppost Banners in Havering

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Advertising in Havering

Lamppost banner advertising in Havering is a great way to promote a business or event. With banners raised high above the ground in high-footfall areas, businesses can be sure their messages reach a wide audience.

Banner advertising in Havering is a particularly cost-effective way to advertise in the area, achieving significant reach at comparitively low cost. The banners are flexible in terms of quantity and the length of time you book them for. This means that businesses can adjust their strategy as needed, allowing them to get the most out of their advertising budget.

Raised lamppost banners are highly visible, allowing their message to be seen by large numbers of people every day. This makes them ideal for targeting specific locations, enabling companies to reach the right people and maximise their advertising efforts.

Lamppost banner advertising in Havering is a great way to ensure that a message is seen by the right people. The format represents an effective and versatile tool for businesses loooking to promote their products and services in the area.

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