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✓ We are the exclusive provider of lamppost banner advertising in Lambeth
✓ We manage over 200 lamppost banners in the borough

Lamppost Banner Sites In Lambeth

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Bay Media & Lambeth

Bay Media have a strong history of lamppost banner advertising in Lambeth. We are the sole provider of this service in the borough and have carried out banner advertising for global brands, small businesses, sports & music events and more.

We print, install and maintain banners to get your message in front of the local population, and we have many sites available for short or long-term campaigns.

Why Lambeth?

High footfall
Lambeth is home to numerous tourist attractions, entertainment venues, restaurants and public spaces, making it a popular area for pedestrians, cyclists and other commuters, making it an ideal place for outdoor advertising.

Diverse demographics
Lambeth is a diverse borough with a wide range of residents from different backgrounds and ages, providing businesses with a broad audience to target.

Many sites
Lambeth has the largest geographic area of any inner London borough, and Bay Media are able to install banners on nearly any street column, meaning we can help our customers target highly specific areas.

Lamppost Banners in Lambeth

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Advertising in Lambeth

Lamppost banner advertising in Lambeth is a cost-effective and flexible way to advertise to local audiences. Banners are highly visible, easily able to catch the attention of passersby and increase awareness of a particular company or event.

They can be targeted to specific locations within Lambeth, allowing you to reach the right audience at the right time. Advertising with lamppost banners is a great way to get a message out to the local community even on a lower budget.

With the ability to book banners for any length of time and in any quantity, our customers have complete control over their advertising campaign.  If you would like to find out more about banner advertising in Lambeth, leave us a message or a call and we’ll be happy to help.

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