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✓ We are the exclusive provider of lamppost banner advertising in Leeds
✓ We manage up to 300 lamppost banners in the city

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LEEDS 2023: Year of Culture

Find out how we supported this major city-wide event..

Bay Media & Leeds

Bay Media have been handling banner advertising in Leeds for well over a decade. 

In that time we have helped support a wide range of campaigns ranging from small business openings to major festivals.

Why Leeds?

Leeds is part of the West Yorkshire Built-up Area, the fourth-largest urban area in the UK with a population of 1.7 million.

The city is well known for its shopping arcades, including Kirkgate Market, and regularly plays host to large sporting, music and cultural events.

The city has a strong economy, with an average income exceeding regional averages, and our lamppost banner network provides an opportunity to engage with its large population in its busiest areas.

Lamppost Banners in Leeds

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Advertising in Leeds

Lamppost banner advertising in Leeds offers a number of benefits to businesses looking to advertise in the city. 

One benefit of this format is that it is targetable to specific locations. Businesses can choose to display their banners in areas where they are most likely to be seen by their target audience, helping to increase the effectiveness of the advertising campaign. Smaller businesses could use just a single banner to encourage pedestrians to visit them.

Lamppost banners are also highly flexible in terms of quantity and booking length. Our customers can choose to display a single banner for a short period of time, or many banners for a much longer duration, depending on their advertising goals and budget.

The format is also highly visible. They are raised above street level and typically located along busy streets and thoroughfares, making them difficult to miss. This high visibility for a relatively low cost makes them a great, budget-friendly option for businesses of all sizes.

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