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Bay Media & Luton

Bay Media have been carrying out lamppost banner advertising in Luton since 2009. We have sites across the borough, including around 20 sites along George Street in the town centre.

Our campaigns in the area have involved sectors ranging from education to finance, as well as promotions for various festivals and local events.

Why Luton?

Luton is a town and borough in Bedfordshire. Once famous for hat-making, the town is now better known for its airport, the fifth busiest in the UK, as well as its football team.

The area is very culturally diverse, its pubs and restaurants reflecting the many different cultures of its inhabitants. Luton has ambitious regeneration plans, with £1.5 billion set to be used to improve the town over the next 20 years.

Bay Media is well-positioned to target the area’s large and diverse population, many of whom regularly commute into London.

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Lamppost Banners in Luton

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Advertising in Luton

Lamppost banner advertising in Luton offers several benefits. This format is highly flexible, banners can be booked for a specific length of time, and the quantity can be easily adjusted to suit the needs of the advertiser.  A particularly cost-effective format, banner campaigns can meet a wide range of budgets.

These adverts are also highly visible. Raised above street level, lamppost baners are hard to miss for pedestrians and motorists alike, allowing their message to reach a large and engaged audience.

The format is also targetable to specific locations. Businesses can choose to advertise in specific areas of the town, such as busy shopping districts or areas with high footfall, allowing them to reach their target audience more effectively, whilst making the most of their advertising spend.

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