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Manchester International Festival

Find out how we helped build local excitement for this biennial festival..

Bay Media & Manchester

Bay Media have been the provider of choice for lamppost banners in Manchester for many years. 

We have strong relationships with diverse clients across the city and its surrounds, and are highly familiar with the city’s specific requirements, from traffic management to artwork regulations.

Why Manchester?

Manchester is one of the largest and most cuturally-significant cities in the United Kingdom. 

The city has undergone extensive regeneration since the turn of the millennium, and today boasts an impressive range of shopping and entertainment areas, including Manchester Arndale and The Printworks.

Manchester’s is the UK’s second fastest growing economy, and the second largest outside of London.

Bay Media’s raised lamppost banners provide coverage throughout the city from the Northern Quarter and Spinningfields to Curry Mile and the Oxford Road. Whether targeting those accessing Manchester Piccadilly or providing venue approach to the Etihad Stadium, our highly visible advertising format is perfect to engage with this large urban audience.

Lamppost Banners in Manchester

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Advertising in Manchester

Lamppost banner advertising in Manchester offers a range of benefits to businesses looking to increase their visibility and reach potential customers.

One key advantage of this form of advertising is its cost-effectiveness. Lamppost banners can be purchased in a variety of quantities, allowing businesses to choose the level of exposure that fits their budget. Additionally, the flexibility of banner booking lengths means that businesses can choose to advertise for as long or as short a period of time as they like.

Another benefit of this format is its ability to target specific locations. By placing banners on lampposts in targeted, high-traffic areas, businesses can effectively reach their desired audience. This is particularly useful for local businesses looking to increase their visibility within a specific geographic area.

In terms of visibility, lamppost banners are highly effective. These large, eye-catching advertisements are difficult to miss, making them a great option for businesses looking to make a big impact.

To find out more about lamppost banner advertising in Manchester, get in touch here.

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