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Lamppost Banner Sites In Southwark

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Bay Media & Southwark

Bay Media are proud to offer our expertise in lamppost banner advertising to Southwark. As the exclusive provider of the service in this London borough, we have successfully managed campaigns for clients including local theatres and education providers, and Southwark borough council.

Our services encompass the design, installation, and maintenance of high-quality banners, ensuring maximum visibility for your message across the borough. With our extensive network of sites, we offer flexible solutions for both short and long-term advertising campaigns.

Why Southwark?

Strategic Location
Southwark boasts a strategic location, including areas like London Bridge and the historic Borough Market. This makes it a hub for both local and international visitors, offering exceptional exposure for outdoor advertising.

Cultural Hotspot
The borough is rich in cultural heritage and contemporary attractions, including the renowned Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. This cultural vibrancy attracts a diverse audience, ideal for targeted and impactful advertising.

Variety of Sites
Our presence in Southwark includes a wide array of sites, from bustling streets near tourist landmarks to routes up to schools and universities, and vibrant high streets. This variety allows us to offer bespoke advertising solutions, tailored to reach specific demographics and locations effectively.

Lamppost Banners in Southwark

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