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Lamppost Banner Sites In Walsall

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Bay Media & Walsall

Bay Media have been providing lamppost banner advertising in Walsall for around ten years. 

We have many sites across the town, including around 20 raised lamppost banner sites along Park Street alone.

Why Walsall?

Situated just north-west of Birmingham, Walsall is a busy market town with a large resident population.

Like many towns in the West Midlands, it has a strong industrial tradition and is still famous for its leather goods. The town has a thriving market and attractions such as its Arboretum and New Art Gallery.

Bay Media’s raised lamppost banners provide targeted coverage of the main streets, including the market square providing a powerful platform to engage with this West Midlands audience.

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Advertising in Walsall

Lamppost banner advertising in Walsall offers a number of benefits for businesses and organisations looking to promote their products or services. One of the key advantages of this form of advertising is its flexibility in terms of quantity and booking length. Companies can choose to have a single banner or multiple banners placed at different locations throughout the town, and can book them for as long as they need.

Another key benefit of lamppost banner advertising is its high visibility. Banners are placed on lampposts at strategic locations throughout the town, ensuring that they are seen by a large number of people. With over 100 sites to choose from, we can help businesses find the location or locations that work best for their campaign.

Banners can accumulate views over a prolonged period. Unlike other forms of advertising which may only be seen for a brief period of time, banners can remain in place for a long time, allowing businesses to maintain a consistent presence and reach new audiences over time.

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