AirDressing® creates beautifully tensioned, frameless and illuminated skins that are almost invisibly suspended in mid-air.
These units are the perfect way to beautifully commercialise previously inaccessible mid-air space.

Bay Media has a network of AirDressing units across a range of UK shopping centres, enabling landlords to brighten their venues whilst earning additional revenue.

We have nearly a decade of experience installing and managing these units which are engineered to the highest standards to achieve a premium, large-scale display that can be installed and changed with ease. Working alongside all levels of shopping centre stakeholders we understand what is required to provide a thorough and safe service. 

At the beginning of each project, we gain a deep understanding of the proposed locations, our stakeholders, the opportunities and limitations. We believe in doing things carefully and professionally from the start, and working with each environment to achieve premium venue-enhancing solutions. 

All installations are handled by highly trained operatives, who also manage LOLER regulatory compliance on an ongoing basis. AirDressing® can be equivalent to renting out an extra shop in your shopping centre, with easy, free-of-charge set up, no long-term contracts and fast revenue payments.

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Why Install AirDressing?

Revenue Generation

We provide a revenue share scheme for landlords from the rental of our AirDressing® units.

Award Winning

AirDressing® has been recognised by the retail property industry, winning awards including Revo's Opal Awards and Shopping Centre Magazine’s Sceptre Awards.

Fully Managed

We handle the entire process, including rigging, installation, changeovers, servicing and annual LOLER inspections.


AirDressing® technology has been developed to reduce loading on glass ceilings so you are no longer constrained by the architecture of the mall. The whole display is lowered by remote control for easy servicing.

Brighten Dull Spaces

AirDressing® units are backlit with over 4000 energy efficient LEDs, brightening dark and dull void spaces. The units can easily replace crinkly hanging banners to liven your mall.

Dwell Time

Promotions for tenants increase dwell time, tempting customers to remain in malls for longer and enticing them to spend more.

Some of our AirDressing Locations

Take a look at our existing sites to see how they are using their AirDressing displays

AirDressing in Action - Royal Victoria Place

Find out how we helped this shopping centre generate revenue and brighten their space

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