Leveraging Outdoor Advertising for Charities and Fundraisers

The effectiveness of charity events and fundraisers lies in their ability to engage with the local community. To make this possible, outdoor advertising offers an impactful solution by bringing the message directly to the streets, significantly raising awareness and support for these important causes. 

Lamppost banners in Fulham, promoting the charity Movember

Lamppost banners for Movember (hover to scroll)

Why Outdoor Advertising Works for Charities

Outdoor advertising, particularly lamppost banners, offers several unique benefits for charities and non-profit organisations.

Highly Visible

Lamppost banners are raised at least 2.4m above street level, ensuring that the campaign is clearly visible at all times. Unlike digital advertisements which can easily be scrolled past, lamppost banners command attention, providing an opportunity for charities to reach out to a wider audience.


Outdoor advertising is a cost-effective method for charities to raise awareness about their causes. With lamppost banners, you get a highly visible, double-sided format, positioned in busy areas for maximum reach at minimal cost.


Outdoor advertising can be hyper-local, allowing charities to target specific communities, neighbourhoods, or even individual streets. This precise targeting is particularly beneficial for charities that are rooted in local communities or focus on addressing local issues.

Outdoor advertising banners for UK charities

How Outdoor Advertising Can Boost Charity Events and Fundraisers

Raising Awareness

Visibility is key for any charity event or fundraiser, and outdoor advertising can provide this on a large scale. Lamppost banners, displayed on busy streets and main arterial routes, are ideally positioned to reach a broad and diverse audience.

Creating a Community Presence

Outdoor advertisements, particularly lamppost banners, can help create a strong community presence. This is crucial for charities that rely on local support for their events and fundraisers. Being a part of the local landscape can foster a sense of community involvement and ownership, thereby driving engagement with the charity.

Generating Urgency

Charity events and fundraisers often have a limited timeframe, and outdoor advertising can help generate a sense of urgency. Seeing the same message repeatedly can serve as a reminder and prompt people to take action.

Case Study: Islamic Help

Islamic Help, a UK-based charity, works in collaboration with Bay Media to create targeted lamppost banner campaigns during the holy month of Ramadan. By identifying areas with high Muslim populations, the banners successfully encourage zakat donations during this significant period. A representative from Islamic Help praised the support, stating, “We’ve used Bay Media for the last few years now to highlight our brand during our busiest times of year, and can say that it works – members of the public have noticed the street banners and have let us know.”

Outdoor advertising during Ramadan for Islamic Help (left) and Islamic Relief (right)

How to Get Started with Outdoor Advertising for Your Charity Event

Getting started with outdoor advertising, particularly lamppost banners, is simpler than you might think. Bay Media, as the UK’s largest provider of lamppost banner advertising, offers a service that covers every step of the process, from identifying strategic sites to printing, installation and maintenance. Our patented bracket system ensures reliability and visibility, with banners professionally installed on lamppost columns. Additionally, we offer a 12-month guarantee on all installations, providing peace of mind for charities investing in outdoor advertising.

In Summary

Outdoor advertising offers a unique opportunity for charities to raise awareness, engage the community, and drive participation in events and fundraisers. With high visibility, cost-effectiveness, and targeted reach, lamppost banners can play a key role in a charity’s advertising strategy. With a trusted provider like Bay Media, charities can rest assured that their outdoor advertising campaign will be handled with professionalism and care, allowing them to focus on what they do best – making a difference in the community.

Outdoor advertising has the unique ability to connect with communities on a local and personal level. For charities and fundraisers, this visibility and sense of community presence can drive significant engagement and support. At Bay Media, we're proud to work with charities to harness the power of outdoor advertising, helping them to spread their message, foster community involvement, and make a real difference.

Outdoor advertising for St Mary’s Hospice in Birmingham

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