Bay Media work with most of the UK’s local authorities.

Together, we can transform your streets.

Over the last two decades Bay Media has become a preferred partner for the world’s biggest events, regional authorities and leading brands. We deliver the kind of reach and results that cannot be achieved via any other outdoor media.

We are the exclusive European distributors for Britten Inc – the largest Street Dressing® Company in the USA, and we are also major product innovators and patent holders in our own right.

Our aim is to transform the look of city streets and large indoor spaces in the most inspirational way possible, creating incredible experiences and memories.

Bay Media work with councils, PFIs and testing companies to create valuable, safe and effective street dressing across towns and cities. Bay Media’s patented solutions adhere to all UK highways requirements.

Working With Bay Media


Our commitment to quality has made us the preferred partner for major events ranging from the Olympic Games to the Tour de France.


We are committed to providing sustainable advertising solutions. We offer a range of options to make our services as green as possible.


Bay Media have established contracts with most UK councils and have delivered campaigns for many of the world's biggest brands.

Lamp Post Banners​

Our raised lamp post banners are used by more than two thirds of the UK’s local authorities.
This is a highly effective medium for publicising council messages to the local community.

Councils can share their own messages, or share revenue from commercial advertising.

Did You Know?

A large part of our annual turnover goes to UK councils as we share the revenue from our commercial advertising banners.

We also deliver large volumes of council-led banners every year, helping draw attention to important council messages and events.

Revenue we gave to councils in 2022:
Council-led banners we installed in 2021:

Bay Media & Local Authorities

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