Brand Activation

Total Venue Approach ownership to support your brands sponsorship of major events

We are trusted by the world’s greatest brands – including Samsung, P&G and Apple – to deliver Raised Lamppost Banner campaigns that will activate their brands on a large scale around high footfall areas and event venues.

All of Bay Media’s products are raised, enabling brands to break through the clutter at street level, and benefit from 2.5 x higher audience memory recall rates than with ground level advertising.

We understand that customers are up to 80% more likely to react to an advert in close proximity to them, creating a unique market advantage. Our media sites are distributed throughout major city centres and access points to major venues, including 8 out of 10 of the best Premier League grounds, getting closer to your target market than any other outdoor media.

Bay Media have developed 6 key media packages, including the Premier League Package, Nationwide Entertainment Venues and Inner Central London Package, offering brands the ultimate opportunity to target key audiences at high volume.

Explore the case studies below for more information, and get in touch with our experienced team about how we can help activate your brand’s sponsorship of an event.

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