Raised 6 Sheets

2.5 x better recall rate than ground level advertising

Bay Media has created Bay City Media, the fourth largest premium roadside 6 Sheet network in the UK.

Bay City Media offers over 1000 panels across the UK, all our sites are in commanding roadside locations covering both main arterial routes and city centre sites. In cities such as Liverpool, Coventry, Middlesbrough and Leeds, Bay City Media can offer fantastic coverage and create high impact campaigns.

Like our trademark Raised Lamppost Banners, Bay City Media’s Raised 6 Sheets pierce through the clutter at street level, leading to a 2.5 x better memory recall rate than ground level advertising. Click here to find out more about the advantages of raised media.

Powered by low-energy lighting, Bay City Media’s Raised 6 Sheets are illuminated, ensuring advertisers messages are visible around the clock, with minimal impact on resources.

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