Maximising Local Visibility – Lamppost Banner Advertising for Co-working Spaces

When it comes to making a lasting impression in a local community, few advertising methods are as effective as lamppost banner advertising. This form of advertising for co-working spaces offers an unparalleled opportunity to maintain a consistent and visible presence in the local area.

A lamppost banner in Fulham, advertising the co-working space Fulham Works, by Spacemade

Lamppost banner for a co-working space in Fulham (hover to scroll)

The Position of Co-working Spaces

Co-working spaces serve a variety of audiences, from freelancers and small businesses to remote workers and travelling professionals. This diverse clientele is seeking flexibility, community, and resources. Lamppost banner advertising offers an excellent way to reach these different groups effectively, emphasising a local connection and fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

What Makes Lamppost Banners Effective?

Lamppost banners are large, durable banners securely mounted on street columns and raised above the ground to capture attention. Positioned on busy streets and main arterial routes, lamppost banner advertising for co-working spaces offers high visibility and is particularly effective when multiple banners are placed in close proximity to the co-working space itself.

Lamppost banners advertising co-working spaces in Hammersmith

Long-Term Local Impact

Lamppost banners offer the benefit of long-term visibility. Unlike other temporary forms of advertising, these banners remain in place for extended periods. This helps solidify your brand’s place in the local community, making it a go-to choice for potential members seeking a workspace.

Wayfinding Benefits

Lamppost banners offer an added layer of utility through their wayfinding capabilities. Installed on nearly any street column, these banners can function as directional markers for passersby. Banners placed in close proximity to a co-working space, complete with arrows or addresses, simplify the journey for potential clients. Essentially this type of advertising not only catches the eye but also leads the way.

Lamppost banner for a co-working space in north London (hover to scroll)

Tailoring to Your Audience

One of the most compelling aspects of lamppost banner advertising is its ability to reach a wide yet targeted audience effectively. By considering the habits and needs of the diverse clientele that frequent co-working spaces, it’s possible to use lamppost banners strategically to capture their attention in different scenarios.

Freelancers and Start-up Business Owners

Freelancers and start-up business owners are often in search of flexible and cost-effective workspace solutions. They might frequent local cafes, libraries, or other communal spaces to get their work done. Strategically placed lamppost banners in such areas, or along a central high street, can serve as a constant reminder that a more professional and focused workspace is available nearby.

Remote Workers

Remote workers offer another interesting target group. While they may primarily work from home, they are also likely to venture out for personal errands, shopping, and social activities. Banners placed in busy areas in close proximity to the co-working space can be effective, particularly when the message is tailored to this audience.

The message on the banners could focus on the benefits of switching up one’s work environment for increased productivity and community engagement, appealing to their potential need for a break from the solitude or distractions of home.

Travelling Professionals

Professionals travelling for business often need a workspace that is both flexible and equipped with all the essentials for a productive workday. Lamppost banners strategically positioned near airports, train stations, and popular hotels can grab their attention when they’re most in need of a workspace. The banners could highlight features like high-speed internet, meeting rooms, and 24/7 access, emphasising the convenience and readiness of the co-working space.

Students and Academics

Students and academics may be in search of a quiet environment for focused work or a more collaborative setting for group projects. Placing lamppost banners near educational institutions or along routes frequently used by this group can effectively market your co-working space as a viable option. The banners could spotlight features like quiet zones, group workstations, or even the availability of academic discounts to lure them in.

A good lamppost banner should do two things: catch the eye and deliver the message. Simplicity achieves both. Aim for a snappy message and a bold design.

Lamppost banner advertising is a highly effective method for co-working spaces to gain significant local traction. By targeting specific demographics through strategic placement, messaging, and even wayfinding features, these banners can connect, guide, and anchor your brand in the community.

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