Premium commercialisation for your unused mid-air space

Bay Media has a long heritage of successfully collaborating with Local Authorities to generate millions for the public sector by imaginatively dressing their assets. We are working particularly hard on building on our growing number of collaborations with private landlords.

AirDressing® has been developed to properly commercialise the premium mid-air space in the top 100 shopping centres.

AirDressing’s patented infrastructure allows large illuminated adverts to be lowered by remote control for safe maintenance at ground level, and also reduces the weight of an ultra-premium illuminated frame by over 68%, allowing safe suspension from most ceiling structures.

At the beginning of each project, we gain a deep understanding of the proposed locations, our stakeholders; the opportunities and limitations.

We believe in doing things carefully and professionally from the start, and working with each environment to achieve premium venue enhancing solutions. All installations are installed by our world class, ex-Olympic rigging teams, who also manage LOLAR regulatory compliance on an ongoing basis.

AirDressing® can be equivalent to renting out an extra shop in your shopping centre or airport from unused space, and setup is easy and professional, with no set-up fees or long term contracts, and simple and fast revenue payments.

Westfield - Bradford - Winter 2015-42




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