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Applying international experience with detailed local knowledge, our dynamic Raised Lamppost Banners are currently used by over two thirds of UK local authorities, and are unrivalled in their ability to effectively publicise council messages.

Bay Media can install Raised Lamppost Banners in specific locations and on columns of your choice, enabling you to be highly targeted about the people you reach out to and the messages you choose to promote.

Every year we help local authorities to raise millions via our Raised Lamppost Banner revenue generation schemes. If you’re from a council then get in touch to talk about what we have achieved with other councils, and how we could help yours to generate revenue.

Our confidence in our patented, high quality system means we can guarantee your banner campaigns for up to 12 months. Furthermore, when you choose Bay Media to deliver your council campaigns, a dedicated Account Manager with expertise in your area will work side by side with you from beginning to end – including any planning, licensing, and highways and traffic management.

We also offer a flexible and competitive pricing structure to suit your budget and requirements. To explore the ways we can raise awareness for your local messages, please contact us.


Raised Lamppost Banners

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