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We take great pride in delivering complex campaigns with a high degree of accuracy and team collaboration. Our clients trust us to make an impact audiences never forget. Using patented, relentlessly trialled and tested products they can always rely on, we also ensure permissions management has been arranged correctly.

Bay Media manages a strong relationship with World-Class event producers ICON, and we were proud to be named an official London 2012 Olympics supplier for the 16,500  installations we successfully provided across 150 local authority areas for the games. However ambitious or specific our client’s objectives may be, our success is a result of exhaustive attention to detail from beginning to end.

Our seamless approach to programme management includes careful project scoping, artwork coordination and advice, a rigorous print and production process, and installation by highly-qualified specialist engineers. Our unique 4-step end-to-end methodology has made us a preferred partner to a growing number of industry suppliers.

Every member of our team knows how our products work, and why they work, with results that speak for themselves. Whilst other providers report a 40% failure rate, our unique, 4-step methodology and commitment to delivery has reduced this figure to virtually zero.

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