Our Commitment
To Quality

Bay Media work to the very highest standards in the industry.

From premium finishing to safety testing, we make sure the job is done right.
We are accredited under the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme [CHAS].

Brackets & banners

Our commitment to quality has made us the preferred partner for major events ranging from the Olympic Games to the Tour de France.

Over 18,500 pairs of our StormSpill® brackets were specified and installed for the London 2012 Olympics, with zero failures. They comply with all UK Highways and Streetlighting requirements, and are manufactured to the same standard as high-performance car engines.

We are the only provider to invest in the use of high pressurised injection pore-free die casting, an investment which ultimately allows us to deliver our product at a lower cost due to the reduced possibility of product breakages or failures.

Our banners use the highest quality materials and finishing to deliver a secure and attractive final product. Take a look at the adjacent image for some more details about our lamppost banners.


Our projects see us working with local authorities across the country, involving audits for traffic management and health and safety from sources including event committees, HSE, and TFL to name a few.

As such, it’s important for us to stay at the forefront of industry standards. All of our installation teams are Chapter 8, Streetworks, IPAF and First Aid Trained. 

We play an active role as a member of Outsmart and The Institute of Lighting Professionals, and are accredited under the Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme [CHAS].

Guarantee & response

Bay Media offer a 12-month guarantee on all lamppost banner installations from the date of installation. If any banners become damaged due to adverse weather conditions, they will be removed/repaired free-of-charge within 2 hours if they are perceived to be a risk to the public, and then re-printed and re-installed free-of-charge within a maximum of 7 working days, but where possible sooner. 

Upon each new installation or banner changeover, Bay Media’s installation teams carry out a full audit of each bracket, ensuring that they are in working order. If there are any issues with the brackets, they will either be repaired or replaced free-ofcharge. As and when Bay Media develop a new bracket system, this will be phased in where required, starting with areas most susceptible to more adverse weather conditions.

 This 12-month bracket guarantee covers all call-out charges, labour, and re-printing, with no exclusions. Where there is a demand for banners to remain in place for over 12 months at a time without changeover, which from experience is rarely the case, Bay Media would advise a maintenance check to be carried out to ensure the banner integrity, which can be carried out as part of a periodical banner audit for long term campaigns.